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  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones

    Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾🎈

  • Gaming station Gaming station
    Gaming station Gaming station

    Awwww they are kissing each other ❤️👍

  • Alayah Shaik
    Alayah Shaik

    Screw the girls Nate, date the twins 👀✋

  • Gaming station Gaming station
    Gaming station Gaming station


  • Steve Carell
    Steve Carell

    Why do people do these things where things are things? Please let me know in the comments below

  • Ameena Asim
    Ameena Asim

    I'm jealous

  • Abdur Razzak’s
    Abdur Razzak’s


  • It’s iisweetcookieii
    It’s iisweetcookieii

    i swear if they break up im gonna cry for 10 years.

  • sara rahman
    sara rahman

    15 minutes for a week is too damn short

  • Carmen Alejandra
    Carmen Alejandra

    i’m confused, was sabrina with the ex before or after they were together ?

  • Carmen Alejandra
    Carmen Alejandra

    realest video ever

  • effe mcnulty
    effe mcnulty

    he said baby more than b**** like!?

  • yowhwa Huang
    yowhwa Huang


  • drxpxoxo

    Yoo guys can y'all help me. My parents promised me a ps5 at 5k before 2022. It would really mean the world if y'all can help or at least support.🥺

  • Harini Rajkumar
    Harini Rajkumar

    And now Pierson and him watch the office together! Its like their thing

  • Ella Rubli
    Ella Rubli

    “Would a kiss make it better?” 🥺

  • paofai KH
    paofai KH

    reponse 1) she's a waitress at perrys beach butler café

  • digy-TchoopS

    Ok lande

  • Brittany Toscano
    Brittany Toscano

    dixie is so lucky

  • Lauren Porter
    Lauren Porter

    i knew that u where going to choose vince and ryan

  • Revenge Counter
    Revenge Counter

    He dating dixie

  • Amalsha Ncube
    Amalsha Ncube

    So sweet ❤️

  • Yasmin Asim
    Yasmin Asim


  • mp

    that net is low af

  • Jordyn Binkley
    Jordyn Binkley

    Nessa: So I grabbed onto Alex's arm Me: Maybe there is still hope if she's calling another guy by his name.... Also me: *Realizing there's another Alex*

  • Charlie Carrillo
    Charlie Carrillo

    What is taiges socials he is soooo cute- 🥺😩

  • glowinq _vic
    glowinq _vic

    13:12 the girl with the neon green and grey clothes can’t even do a split 😂

  • Malavika B.K
    Malavika B.K

    Brent is legit so nice to all his friends. The stokes are the opposite

  • Caleb Bosse
    Caleb Bosse

    I wish he would be calm and do magic on his yt like this all the time

  • Malavika B.K
    Malavika B.K

    This makes me hate the Stokes

  • Pardis Ansari
    Pardis Ansari

    Lexi,Lexi and Ben won ofc

  • ediedxnut!

    I feel sick after watching this

  • Jenin Mouffuq Ziad Omar
    Jenin Mouffuq Ziad Omar

    I'm a Capricorn!!

  • Nanda Bhatt
    Nanda Bhatt

    Jelly fish isn't actually a fish. It is a coelenterate. Fishes are vertebrate. Jelly fish is not even a vertebrate!

  • Swastika Thakur
    Swastika Thakur

    The way they look at each other🥺

  • Alex Haes
    Alex Haes

    Lol what a borderline head

  • Zem Zem
    Zem Zem

    Im very speechless her mom decided the honey theme....and her mind wanted the pink dress 👁👄👁 but Honey really liked the champagne dress like what in the world is the decision but I enjoyed this video

  • xXanimal_loverXx

    Rauls the best, that’s it.

  • Lucas Lam
    Lucas Lam

    Let’s be honest, Brent helped Lexi scored most of them!

  • Mathew Delport 9D
    Mathew Delport 9D



    god valeria stuck in middle school ong 😭

  • Saphira Lassey
    Saphira Lassey

    How old is this Video because dixie has long blue hair Hahahah

  • star 7484
    star 7484

    Noah: what you want? Dixie:😚😚

  • Athbah A. AlRashoud
    Athbah A. AlRashoud

    I love lemons I can do that

  • Pinoy Pool Master
    Pinoy Pool Master

    Brent actually started SLtoos in August 2 2009

  • Janelle Rodriguez
    Janelle Rodriguez

    I think people are always like "do you mind if I take nat away from you"

  • Angela Hombergen
    Angela Hombergen

    Dixie and noah You are de best in tiktok I am youre bigest fan and you are de best kopel and de cutest kopel❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Simply Chary
    Simply Chary

    The amount of drama I feel is gonna happen lmaooo

  • JC Mendez
    JC Mendez

    I want them to date

  • Daphne Kusuma S.
    Daphne Kusuma S.

    Raul: we should spend the night together. Colie: SPEND THE NIGHT!!? Raul: yea like walk around together. Colie: Oh Me: colie wtf were u thinkin....

  • T

    How they literally bully Gaby like tf?? These girls are all around 18 years old but I guess they're still in kindergarden Edit: changed "guys" to "girls" cause it's just those four and the boys seem not involved

  • Saara Bhat
    Saara Bhat

    I feel like its me😂😂😂

  • Alivia Menten
    Alivia Menten

    Idk why but on this episode i just realized that the I in influencer is an iphone HAHAHA😂

  • Sarah A Jeyarajah
    Sarah A Jeyarajah

    Lexi is just copying Brent like no offense but get a life

  • Alexis Vasquez
    Alexis Vasquez

    Dixies favorite animal is a cow, and then she proceeds to eat one 😳🥺

  • Shelsea Aragon
    Shelsea Aragon


  • Shelsea Aragon
    Shelsea Aragon

    My doter loves you Dixie and Noah


    99% are talking about Brent and his broom and 1% about the video

  • Himani Liyanage
    Himani Liyanage

    Is this high school or 5th grade

  • aliyah

    i loved nesses alfit

  • [ AshleyPadilla ]
    [ AshleyPadilla ]

    Her laugh tho it’s so cute

  • Nidhi Jain
    Nidhi Jain

    I literally love these episodes!!❤️ it's sooo usefulllll!!!!❤️

  • Mahika Vivek
    Mahika Vivek


  • Retaj Ksid
    Retaj Ksid


  • TeddyGamez!

    Tomorrow’s challenge could be recreating baby photos!

  • Lenora Powell
    Lenora Powell

    Valaria is saying his mom said this, that, and the third about Sabrina but didn't she just say that his mom is fake and a liar. Girl get your story straight.

  • Mridhul Mridhul
    Mridhul Mridhul

    Wait what where is jermy pearson Sofie Mason

  • mimi lee
    mimi lee

    16:05 I did not expect that from franny at all, and the walk out!!! “Alright guys lets go” and they all walked out togetherrrrrr, wow. Go fran

  • Riddhi Patel
    Riddhi Patel

    Hey Jake Paul what’s your phone number but I try on iPad but not working in your messages

  • Jack Meoff
    Jack Meoff

    Lol I am arabic too

  • Alexis

    I’m supposed to be sleeping but I’m to excited bc I’m getting my first pop it👁👄👁

  • Alisha Marte
    Alisha Marte

    This show was so dumb but I watched the whole thing in one night. When’s the next season?