AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer REUNION (Pt.1) - Colie’s BIGGEST REGRET *Shocking Confessions
The moment we've all been waiting for.... the AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer cast reunites and reveals shocking confessions in part 1 of this reunion special! Is the whole house against Owen now after learning his "strategy"? What's really happening with Val and Sabrina? All your questions answered... you don't want to miss this!
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ATV's Next Influencer hosted by Hype House‘s own Alex Warren, follows a group of up and coming latinx influencers living under one roof with one common goal - become the NEXT BIG TIKTOK STAR. But balancing new relationships and continuously trying to go viral, all while adjusting to their new life in Miami means drama is bound to pop up. Find out if these TikTokers have what it takes to become the #ATVNextInfluencer​​!
AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer Season 1
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Alex Warren: @AlexWaarren
Colie Nuanez: @Colie.1
Gaby Obregon: @gabyobregon
Jada Wesley: @JadaWesleyy
Julian & Jovani Jara: @99goonsquad
Owen Holt: @Owen.Holt
Raul Encio: @Raulencio
Sabrina Quesada: @sabquesada
Valeria Arguelles: @Valeriaxxargu
Project 305:
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Director & Supervising Producer: Katherine Lauren @KatherineLauren
Director of Photography: Roan Olivas
Post-Production Supervisor: Dima Kovalchuk
Producers: Ian Midura, Candace Stephens, Nick Haddad and Taylor Henriquez @TaylorHenriquez
COVID Safety Officer: Oz Ozmen
Line Producer: Sean Saley
Production Coordinator: Tina Poston
Kelsey MacDonald​​
The entire AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer series was filmed adhering to then-current Local, State, and/or Country mandated COVID-19 safety guidelines and restrictions.
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AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer REUNION (Pt.1) - Colie’s BIGGEST REGRET *Shocking Confessions

  • AwesomenessTV

    THIS HAS ME SHOOOOOOK omg what was the most shocking surprise to you?! This whole Colie/Raul thing is arlkgablrwjhg 😂 STAY TUNED FOR PART 2

    • M i r a
      M i r a

      @Esther Jantjies yea i just saw

    • Esther Jantjies
      Esther Jantjies

      @M i r a it came out the day after this one was posted. Go to the playlist

    • M i r a
      M i r a

      whens part two tho

    • hxneybee

      stop tryna act like gen z 💀 like we dont say that

    • Esther Jantjies
      Esther Jantjies

      I've been telling everyone that Owen was a bad person. But no, no one believed meee!!!! Looks like everyone is more mature now.

  • Iamdajhon

    Reunion that’s quick

  • It's Jimins Non Existent Jams
    It's Jimins Non Existent Jams

    Wtf Sab and Jada look so pretty- I won’t lie Val’s makeup is extremely pretty

  • Sydney Feldman
    Sydney Feldman

    Colie really went ham on the sugar packets before the show I can tell you that

  • OG Tay09
    OG Tay09

    Anyone looking about Sabrina 😬😬😬

  • vanna your dad
    vanna your dad

    i bet it’s awkward for san and jullian

  • Shart Potatoes
    Shart Potatoes

    valeria is so mean pls 😀

  • Tavleen xo
    Tavleen xo

    why are they dragging this on😭😭😭😭

  • Holly May
    Holly May

    Collie is actually so boy crazy, attention seeking, and cringy and annoying and she knows it watching back the footage.

  • Maddie Gonzalez
    Maddie Gonzalez

    Gabi is so pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ava Warrior
    Ava Warrior


  • Coolspygirl

    I must be the only one who thought Owen deserved to win. He was a sly little fox sure, and that's not necessarily a good thing, but he only did that after being in an alliance and noticing his chances slipping. Leaving the alliance would have put him at a disadvantage, so I guess I understand where all the planning/lying went it. He only ever started drama to deflect attention or shut down someone who was propably a threat in his calculations.

  • Marissa M
    Marissa M

    LMFAOO i love how when they were asking Gabi about the biggest lessons she learned. And when she responded and said abt drama THEY IMMEDIANTLY ZOOMED IN ON VALERIA


    Valerie just seems like a meanie 😭😭 but she is so gorgeous

  • Lemon Channel
    Lemon Channel

    Wow that was a rewind

  • Joe Exotic
    Joe Exotic

    my respect for raul went up sooo high because he agreed it was cringey 😭

  • Pau Cortada Nacher
    Pau Cortada Nacher

    Valeria just say that it's not funny and she's laughing. We cought you

  • •Its_me berriemix•
    •Its_me berriemix•

    I cant get over how sab is so buetyful!

  • Pau Cortada Nacher
    Pau Cortada Nacher

    Somebody notice that Colie still saing Rail??

  • Pau Cortada Nacher
    Pau Cortada Nacher

    When Gaby was talking about drama and it was valeria right next to her. LMAO

  • beem boom
    beem boom

    sabrina and valeria are very plasticy

  • beem boom
    beem boom

    ugh gabby is such a baddie

  • k k
    k k

    idk isn’t calling Raul “rail” a bit of a microagression? Doesn’t take much effort to correctly pronounce a name...

  • No one
    No one

    This show is so cringe

  • Lakella98

    Oh so that’s why Valeria is the house leader and gets “special treatment”, she’s the founder of Project 305-

  • Marie Lawrence
    Marie Lawrence

    Sabrina them bangs honey no.....

  • jackie usso
    jackie usso


  • the ugly duckling
    the ugly duckling

    She still saying Rail Why does she say Rial Stop saying Rail It's *RAUL* That simple

  • Am I supposed to twerk?
    Am I supposed to twerk?

    kudos to owen for owning up though lmao

  • Am I supposed to twerk?
    Am I supposed to twerk?

    I'm honestly confused, why do ppl think sab should've won? Wasn't she a follower

  • Woo Bot
    Woo Bot

    Collie is honestly annoying

  • JungkookLover

    The thing is ..... Gaby was the only responsible one who truly deserved to be the next influencer she was so unproblematic. She was caught up in so much that she couldn’t even focus on the main goal. It blows my mind how the way Gaby and jada were treated was unfair and they couldn’t control that yet no one did anything about it. The white girls were completely embarrassing and acting inappropriate for their age.... 😬 this was a whole mess and you can tell there is still tension. Jada and Gaby have every right to be mad.

  • Felice Tendean
    Felice Tendean

    i couldn’t recognise sab omg

  • Megan Beauchamp
    Megan Beauchamp

    girl, Raul is two syllables, at the point purposely mispronouncing his name is racist

    • Megan Beauchamp
      Megan Beauchamp

      I mean, I know what's not clicking, lol

    • Megan Beauchamp
      Megan Beauchamp

      "honestly I can't pronounce his name!" Col-lie, is two syllables, Ra-ul, is also two syllables, I just...what's not clicking

    • Megan Beauchamp
      Megan Beauchamp

      @Eunice Adeleye okay baby!

    • Eunice Adeleye
      Eunice Adeleye

      Baby a name is not a race!😋

  • Stacy Hernandez
    Stacy Hernandez


  • olivia jurkovich
    olivia jurkovich

    these people clearly have never seen survivor

  • Anyla Jordan
    Anyla Jordan

    1:22 she really said cut the camera's deadass

  • Jalayah Bannister
    Jalayah Bannister

    Those kissing scene made them sooo uncomfortable

  • Rae S.
    Rae S.

    wait so the Harvard video was fake? 💀💀

  • Dixita Nagarajan
    Dixita Nagarajan

    Raul looks so done being there. Colie is honestly disrespectful, I mean cmon, RAIL‼️ And she says she still doesn’t know how to say his name but doesn’t bother to learn how

  • Shaniya Binkley
    Shaniya Binkley

    The second hand embarrassment i got from this video 💀😭🤚

  • imara’s world
    imara’s world

    I get major Scorpio vibes from Owen (or

  • Landyn Phillips
    Landyn Phillips

    Owens wearing the same shirt since we last saw him 😂

  • Shahzaib Zahidi
    Shahzaib Zahidi

    Gabi's accent is luv

  • M i r a
    M i r a

    rail count hjghgjh

  • Skarlet Martin
    Skarlet Martin

    Everyone: Raul Colie: rAil

  • let Shat Noir in
    let Shat Noir in


  • Ximena Cruz
    Ximena Cruz

    Sab deserved to win

  • One happy muffin
    One happy muffin

    Some of them got GLOW UPS

  • Catherine Masella
    Catherine Masella

    ONG GABYYY IS SOOOOO PRETTY THOUGH! she is like glowing and there’s such a nice smile on her face:)

  • Paula Bankova
    Paula Bankova

    Gabis fan behind the camera 🥴💀💀 PICK ME CHOOSE ME 🥰

  • Joycxe

    I over this sssniperwolf posted a new video😌, this cringe so byyyeeee.......😒

  • Kunsal Khampa
    Kunsal Khampa

    WE NEED A SEASON 2 !!!!!!!

  • Its Mia
    Its Mia

    Sab looks GEORGUS!!!

  • Sheryl Anne Umali
    Sheryl Anne Umali

    It's so funny how I complained about this show being cringy last season but still keep coming back 😭

  • kahoot royalty
    kahoot royalty

    “PTSD from the show” bruh u sat in a house with lots of money and your “conflict” of the day was having to swim for like 10 seconds for a pass to not have to clean the

  • LIBRA 24
    LIBRA 24


  • Jewel B.
    Jewel B.

    No one is gonna talk about Owen getting into HARVARD.

  • Kate_xx

    Brooo Is collie high tho 😅😂

  • athalia

    Hope Valeria never succeeds in life she really doesnt deserve anything

  • jordynn


  • Brown And Toasted
    Brown And Toasted

    raul was cringing so BAAAAAAD

  • Mai :3
    Mai :3

    Isn’t colie engaged

  • şUnsHiNᗴ şUnsHiNᗴ
    şUnsHiNᗴ şUnsHiNᗴ

    COLLIE IS ~cRiNgE~

  • Angelina Marletti
    Angelina Marletti

    GABI and Valeria Stunning-

  • Garrett Lynn
    Garrett Lynn

    Sabrina just there like🙂😐

  • Danna Boy
    Danna Boy

    Owen did not deserve to win

  • Agathe Brusselmans
    Agathe Brusselmans

    this is awkward ew

  • Lemuel Esteban
    Lemuel Esteban

    Gaby should have won. She’s the only one who deserved it.

    • Stacy Hernandez
      Stacy Hernandez


  • •Myra•

    So we’re still not going to talk about how Owen sounds like Skeppy? I’ve seen nobody comment anything about it 😂

  • comier quincy
    comier quincy

    Everyone this is horrible AwesomenessTV Cleanup on aisle nine

  • Julieana Wayteck
    Julieana Wayteck

    It’s been all this time and she still doesn’t know how to say Raul.

  • Un known
    Un known

    “Where do you think that drama was coming from?” From a script 🙄 This show is ridiculously fucking fake and dumb

  • Prescott Adaya
    Prescott Adaya

    Sabrina lost so much weight she looks amazing

  • Prescott Adaya
    Prescott Adaya

    I still hate Valerie

  • Addison

    I don’t like sab hair

  • Niyah

    gaby is so gorgeous wtf and she's literally glowing

  • Madison Amos
    Madison Amos

    None of the boys have personality’s

  • Yumeko Yagami
    Yumeko Yagami

    This is so stupid

  • Aubrey Santiago
    Aubrey Santiago

    I love collie but why she yelling

  • Eve and Mae Roare
    Eve and Mae Roare

    Gaby is glowing and Sabrina with a new hair look wow

  • erilyn

    if you think about it, this show makes no sense. winning a competition can’t guarantee followers 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Symone Perry
    Symone Perry

    Jada and Gabi are absolutely stunning 🤩!!

  • Shyla Swatsenbarg
    Shyla Swatsenbarg

    She literally is getting married

  • Holly Moate
    Holly Moate

    colie: CALM DOWN RAIL raul: i-

  • Katherine Vang
    Katherine Vang

    Jada is so pretty

  • mushr00m f4iry
    mushr00m f4iry

    Can we talk about how pretty sabrina looks??! I don't even recognize her 😭

  • Wiktoria

    Valeria is sooooo pretty 🥵🥵❤️

  • Maissa 1
    Maissa 1

    Collie is so cringy and tries too hard to be quirky at actually pains me watching her in these vids

  • Nora Smidt
    Nora Smidt

    And the drama continues

  • Beatriz Nikitenko
    Beatriz Nikitenko

    ok is noone gonna talk about how hot raul looks??

  • Analeah Martinez
    Analeah Martinez

    I feel like Owen did deserve to win bc everyone deserves to win but they just didn't also I think it's kinda rude how they kinda said they don't think Owen deserves to win

  • Akylah Myers
    Akylah Myers

    valaria is literally a mean girl..”we wanted to make u all fight and watch it’s funny” like?? pls BYE she don’t need a platform.

  • billiana


  • Nyla’s Episodes
    Nyla’s Episodes


  • Lena C
    Lena C

    Owen is a piece of trash. Textbook manipulator - it's creepy af. He won the contract with awesomeness TV and gained so many followers and he didn't deserve it at all

  • Brooklynn

    Raul looks so lost

  • Umaima sayyada
    Umaima sayyada

    Owens such a fake

  • jack hossain
    jack hossain

    11:30 The way Collie turned . I am dying laughing so hard. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 not lying

  • asmmah