Top 7 Most DRAMATIC MOMENTS of AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer w/ Alex Warren
I'M SCREAMING!! Here are the top 7 most dramatic moments from AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer! *grabs popcorn* 🍿
SHADIEST Tik Tok Moments | AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer #Shorts​ -
00:00 #7 "Water Balloon Blow Out"
01:55 #6 "Tea and Tongues"
03:20 #5 "A Rail Fairytale"
04:46 #4 "Big Simpin"
05:39 #3 "Everyone's Mad at Jada"
07:22 #2 "Rich B*tch"
09:06 #1 "Hottest Tub"
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ATV's Next Influencer hosted by Hype House‘s own Alex Warren, follows a group of up and coming latinx influencers living under one roof with one common goal - become the NEXT BIG TIKTOK STAR. But balancing new relationships and continuously trying to go viral, all while adjusting to their new life in Miami means drama is bound to pop up. Find out if these TikTokers have what it takes to become the #ATVNextInfluencer!
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Alex Warren: @AlexWaarren
Colie Nuanez: @Colie.1
Gaby Obregon: @gabyobregon
Jada Wesley: @JadaWesleyy
Julian & Jovani Jara: @99goonsquad
Owen Holt: @Owen.Holt
Raul Encio: @Raulencio
Sabrina Quesada: @sabquesada
Valeria Arguelles: @Valeriaxxargu
Project 305:
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Top 7 Most DRAMATIC MOMENTS of AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer w/ Alex Warren

  • AwesomenessTV

    THE DRAMATICS!!!!! This show is insane... which moment shook you the most?! And who do you want on a season 2?!

    • Abby J
      Abby J

      yessss season 2 PLSSSS

    • GirlLegend YT
      GirlLegend YT

      Yes pleaseeee season 2 am beggingggggg

    • lilee mcwilliams
      lilee mcwilliams

      I don’t want a season 2 I need a season 2

    • Bethany Middlebrooks
      Bethany Middlebrooks


    • Alex320

      Yea more seasons for the drama and the cringe ALSO DO ELIMINATIONS!!!

  • Joe Exotic
    Joe Exotic

    bro when “the boys” started singing to collie and the part were jada threw the balloon at val i cringed so hard 😭

  • Lana Del Gay
    Lana Del Gay

    I love how none of these are that dramatic, we've seen better fights on other reality shows

  • Kelly Zanchuck
    Kelly Zanchuck


  • Maddy Shaw
    Maddy Shaw

    the best moment is definitely when jada through the water ballon at valerias head

  • Anni Miano
    Anni Miano

    When collie called him rail 🤣

  • true facts
    true facts

    Imagine being obsessed with yourself? "ask valeria"

  • Seven Nguuen
    Seven Nguuen

    This show made my respect for valeria go📉📉📉📉📉📉 like gurl she’s such a pick me and thinks she’s all that and her roast aren’t even good lmao

  • Movie Paradise
    Movie Paradise

    I will be glad if you subscribe

  • Charlene Freeman
    Charlene Freeman

    I HATE Valeria she didn’t deserve to be there she doesn’t deserve to be top influencer she is so rude disrespectful and etc. That is not how a “leader” is supposed to act. Sabrina I love her 🤍 Colie I love her🤍 I loved everyone except Valeria🤡

  • Zaara


  • Skyler Bartley
    Skyler Bartley

    Valaria is a snake

  • Trinity Culp
    Trinity Culp

    I think Sabrina should’ve won. But congrats Owen

  • Arlyne Obregon
    Arlyne Obregon

    What happened to the cast reunion?

  • The Twisters
    The Twisters

    Am I the only one who was annoyed by Valeria and Gaby? Valeria acts like a brat and Gaby gets involved like in ALL drama

  • Taira Lum
    Taira Lum

    bro you could just tell how much Jovani didn’t want to kiss Jada and she tried to force it in him 🤮

  • Lianna Heng
    Lianna Heng

    3:23 tho🤣🤣 the subtitles on the bottom right ‘rail’

  • TH3STR00DL3 -_-
    TH3STR00DL3 -_-

    1:36 what song did this sound come from.?

  • Tarun Kumar Das
    Tarun Kumar Das

    I thought only india had all those cringy shows but now I realized it's not only in india but in other countries too

  • Emily Perinho
    Emily Perinho

    U guys need to stop

  • buub snnsunsa
    buub snnsunsa

    alex:o- *clicks off* me:ok so lets continue watching peppa pig - i really wanted a girl to win

  • Alex320

    Ok but I literally laughed when Jada threw the water balloon at Valeria I was DYING

  • Izabella Thompkins
    Izabella Thompkins

    is anyone going to talk about how colie mid pronounced Rauls name like uh what

  • Officially .Tyliyah
    Officially .Tyliyah

    My opinion on all the girls Valeria: I don’t like her she was messy and started way too much drama Colie: didn’t even know her “boyfriend’s” name and she was kinda portrayed as the dumb blond idk but... she ight Sabrina: nobody would admit it but she was very messy and did start drama yall says she was cool but she was always coming for jada Jada: at first I thought she was annoying but she actually is really cool I seen her tik tok and she is very nice and I like her Gabby: idk she seemed like a pick me girl and was kind of annoying and idk I just got a pick me vibe This is just an opinion on them so if you wanna start drama in the comments let’s go

    • Shayy

      Yeah I agree jada was my favorite

    • Officially .Tyliyah
      Officially .Tyliyah

      Don’t be coming for me because I will respond and if you want to RESPECTFULLY state your opinion and what you agree and disagree on do that

  • Julie Poupon
    Julie Poupon

    second season????

  • lesielii latuu
    lesielii latuu

    LMAOOOO when gaby threw the pillow at val I ABOUT DIED😭😭 ms girl was annoying asfk😭😭

    • Alex320

      SHE DESERVED IT 😭😭😭😭

    • クリス

      exactly! she got on my NERVESSSSS

  • katarina nikolich
    katarina nikolich

    Owen is such a SIMP for Gabby 😍😍😍😍

  • Jayla Maurice
    Jayla Maurice

    Y'all can't lie this show is entertaining now season 2 I need something to watch

  • kinda cringe bro
    kinda cringe bro

    This show straight up sucks, it should be illegal to make shows with boring tik tokkers who arent entertaining

  • Valeria Ramirez
    Valeria Ramirez

    Collie every 5 seconds RAILL

  • Ava Ginsberg
    Ava Ginsberg

    the whole show was sab val and colie bullying gaby lmao

  • Sephora Charles
    Sephora Charles

    can we have a compilation of Colie saying Rail instead of Raul

  • BbyxEdits

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Collie: rAiLL

  • Melissa PARK
    Melissa PARK

    i'll never like Valeria. She's a spoiled brat who puts people down.

  • Tay Tay
    Tay Tay

    Jada is whitewashed im sorry...

  • Christian Sebastian
    Christian Sebastian

    Valeria and her 2 little worker bees/Chloe & Sabrina were the fakest people I’ve ever seen and even though Valeria was the biggest b*tch of all on this show Sabrina was the definition of fake because how you going to laugh and talk shiii about someone then say it was messed up when you could’ve said sorry or stood up for them but she had to play the innocent bystander but same goes for Chloe, and for Chloe she was just taking sides or being so f*cking full of herself. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Last thing why tf were the brothers on this show in the first place🤨

  • Hai Vargas
    Hai Vargas

    I'm single💖🔆

  • Jazmyne Ruiz
    Jazmyne Ruiz

    @alexwarran I don't think that the tree blonds don't deserve to be the next influencer bc they are very rude and disrespectful to Jada and the other girl and saying to someone u are fake and thins is my house and making girls feel very little and it makes me feel sad and makes me think that she just wants to be famous and doesn't really honestly care about what everyone else thinks

  • Flora Pan
    Flora Pan

    ngl im rly gonna miss this show

  • Andrea AvilesVictoria
    Andrea AvilesVictoria

    valeria was so rude im glad she didn´t win

  • Rice Ball
    Rice Ball

    idk how their tiktok are but imo collie would have won her character stood out most to me seem like she could brand herself really well

  • santhonia Stephenson
    santhonia Stephenson

    They act like when they kiss they act like .middle schoolers they fake fake keeping up with the Kardashians looks realer than this they make the Kardashians look like a reality show

  • Valerie Delgado
    Valerie Delgado

    Seeing how bratty Valeria is,it is so upsetting

  • Jonathan Martinez
    Jonathan Martinez

    Owen is so immature hes such a middle schooler, why did he have to win, and next time yall should make it so ppl get eliminated instead, or if not then let the viewers vote not them themselves

    • Jaz&Keels


  • kimberly mendias
    kimberly mendias

    Iiysm 💖💓💓💙💜

  • Atreya Patel
    Atreya Patel


  • Bella Gonzalez
    Bella Gonzalez

    how come no one is talking about a rail fairytale ?!?!?

  • mariah trejo
    mariah trejo

    This whole show had so much drama

  • Adrienne Deleon
    Adrienne Deleon

    Him: “We should spend the night together” her: “SpeNd The NiGhT” him: “yea like spend the night like walk around” her: “oH” abahahjshdowjsskwosv

  • Brooke Ann
    Brooke Ann

    this is so funny

  • Jayden EL
    Jayden EL

    The clear it is not the owner of the house so she better sit down tomorrow

  • Jayden EL
    Jayden EL

    Big Larry it doesn’t make any money she broke as a joke

  • Jayden EL
    Jayden EL

    I am mean I don’t like Vic Larrea

  • Jayden EL
    Jayden EL

    I hate vehicle Larrea

  • Delmar Morales
    Delmar Morales

    Bruhh I want a next influence backk

  • millie

    this is the cringest show ever but its so addicting lol

    • Jasmin Akter
      Jasmin Akter

      if you like the concept of this I recommend you watching "footassylum locked in" its so much better than this, the same concept, 10 SLtoosrs, one house, 2 weeks, no wifi, 1 winner, 10k prize for a charity, 45 minutes long.

  • Tailem Gingras
    Tailem Gingras

    When they made a song for Colie i cringed so hard dhfjkdhk

    • Blesbeauty 101
      Blesbeauty 101


  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller

    i enjoyed the water balloon battle

  • Suzan Malcolm
    Suzan Malcolm

    “I could have been shooting a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts” 😂😂😂

  • Lilipad RN
    Lilipad RN

    2:38 is collie having a seizure like wtf?

    • Lilipad RN
      Lilipad RN

      @Shayy ikr

    • Shayy

      Righttt I was like the hell😭

    • Alex320

      She's high on sugar 😭✋

  • Kylan Groenendijk
    Kylan Groenendijk

    this show.... SO MUCH DRAMA!

  • Ryleigh

    [-0.0-] Ngl Im addicted but it’s so cringe ;-;

    • Ryleigh

      @Jasmin Akter lol ok thx

    • Jasmin Akter
      Jasmin Akter

      @Ryleigh no its called "locked in" but "does the shoe fit" is also a good series.

    • Jasmin Akter
      Jasmin Akter

      @Ryleigh INNIT!

    • Ryleigh

      @Jasmin Akter oh and is it does the show fit?

    • Ryleigh

      @Jasmin Akter lol, it’s low key good.

  • Jasmine x
    Jasmine x

    This makes me realise how much I HATE Valeria she is so rude

    • vlogsbyjojo

      @Sumxmer same

    • Sumxmer

      I like her but her attitude is like 🤪😈

    • Jasmine x
      Jasmine x

      @Shining Glitter definitely

    • Shining Glitter
      Shining Glitter

      She was nice at first but she got way too comfortable

    • vlogsbyjojo

      @Potato Avocado there’s something called autocorrect

  • Aisha Khan
    Aisha Khan

    like these three girls valeria, sabrina, and colie think they're actually pretty, although they keep forgetting that its because they wear tons of makeup!!😂😂

    • kupkake

      Dont make fun of someones looks thats not funny. Acting lije Valeria

    • Yvonne Bruggink
      Yvonne Bruggink

      Idk what your talking about but they might just be expressing themselves through makeup like and arg..mi bet they know there pretty with and without makeup but just like to do it for fun or.just cause they like doing it

    • Alex320

      Am I the only one that thinks Jada is actually pretty?

    • Officially .Tyliyah
      Officially .Tyliyah

      I don’t like them but they still are pretty and they don’t have tons of makeup on

    • Nidhi K
      Nidhi K

      sabrina doesn’t even wear makeup other than mascara,lipbalm and a little bit of concealer 😂 this is literally every girl’s basic makeup

  • Charlize Sanders
    Charlize Sanders

    6:43 I seriously can’t stand her (I can’t be the only one who thought she was Brooklyn mcnightt when they first saw her in the first episode)

  • Charlize Sanders
    Charlize Sanders

    Show:trash Me:watches it

  • Charlize Sanders
    Charlize Sanders

    The fact that they titled it rail fairytale 😂

  • Jennifer Principe
    Jennifer Principe

    Reunion !!

  • James Don't
    James Don't

    I thought it ended

  • Chelsea Marquez
    Chelsea Marquez


    • siimplyytyce


  • janae martinez
    janae martinez

    This looks so staged

  • tyreeke reid
    tyreeke reid

    isnt that toppers girlfriend??

  • Abayomi Alleyne
    Abayomi Alleyne

    tbh i woulf love a season 2 i want to see if jovani and jada would be a couple ngl they would be a super cute couple

  • Isabel

    I am happy none of the drama girls got the win. I might have had to start a rebellion

  • Larray Fan
    Larray Fan

    Owen: “Jada, Jovani- *👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨* ckfigjrieisjdjfnvjfidd”

  • Kenzie’s Life
    Kenzie’s Life

    First episode was weird but then I got so addicted

  • gianna griffin
    gianna griffin

    girl sabrina is lowkey annoying

  • Maddie Marie
    Maddie Marie

    If I was there I’ll probably be the most hated one lol

  • Jaliah Boykin
    Jaliah Boykin

    Can we just all agree that Sabrinas only personality trait is being a b*tch and bragging about her money.

  • Saly Lichtwr
    Saly Lichtwr

    Aww can we do this show again with different people

  • J V
    J V

    Please do reunions

  • Eva Glavan
    Eva Glavan

    I cant even 😭👋

  • Void

    Nobody: The editors: #5- A rAiL fairy tale

    • Dabarbiee.m


  • Jasmine A.
    Jasmine A.

    julian and sab were so cute together :)

    • Nurnajwa Qaisara
      Nurnajwa Qaisara

      they cute but she with cooper and they cute too

    • summer isabella
      summer isabella


  • Evie Van Vorhis
    Evie Van Vorhis

    Valeria mind: Kim K mode activated

  • yo fairy godmother
    yo fairy godmother

    Did anyone ship Jada with Javani?

  • Georgia VDB
    Georgia VDB

    Who else found the show so strangely addictive?

    • Jasmin Akter
      Jasmin Akter

      if you like the concept of this I recommend you watching "footassylum locked in" its so much better than this, the same concept, 10 SLtoosrs, one house, 2 weeks, no wifi, 1 winner, 10k prize for a charity, 45 minutes long.

    • Lilipad RN
      Lilipad RN

      Me like what did they put into to thid

  • Sariah Martinez
    Sariah Martinez

    When she said the funny thing is that your older then me and I make more money then you I was like who the hell cares about money 🙄 No hate

    • kupkake

      Make more money doing what?? Sitting around and taking angled selfies w a swimsuit on? I-

    • Shayy


  • Gara Mendez
    Gara Mendez

    anyone else think that he looks like shawn mendes

  • random person
    random person

    This show was so bad that i couldn't wait to finish it and see how much worse it gets. It was bad but addicting so..... when's the next season coming out?

    • Jasmin Akter
      Jasmin Akter

      if you like the concept of this I recommend you watching "footassylum locked in" its so much better than this, the same concept, 10 SLtoosrs, one house, 2 weeks, no wifi, 1 winner, 10k prize for a charity, 45 minutes long.

  • nathan hancock
    nathan hancock


    • Alex320


  • Jessica George
    Jessica George

    This show is so cringe but we need a season two

  • SUnNy- hUnNy
    SUnNy- hUnNy

    Who else saw color glitch when ju Sloan said kiss or truth hahahah

  • Shparkles

    "I literally have a cArEeR" - Valeria Yet she was no where near the top 3...... 🙄😳

    • Ahkwj Thigh
      Ahkwj Thigh

      @Shparkles yeah sab and and that other girl were ok until they hung out with Val she mad them change

    • Shparkles

      @Ahkwj Thigh same I seriously feel bad for gaby tho :(

    • Ahkwj Thigh
      Ahkwj Thigh

      @Shparkles idk what it is but every time somone makes fun of gabby I get mad like she might be the only chill one there Sab was chill but when she started trusting Val she became a little too much you know

    • Shparkles

      @Ahkwj Thigh lol fr

    • Ahkwj Thigh
      Ahkwj Thigh

      @Shparkles she trying to be the star of the show to be known ,

  • fabi c
    fabi c

    HAHAHAA when jada threw the baloon

  • fabi c
    fabi c

    i hated valeria and sab is overrated

    • Alex320


    • Officially .Tyliyah
      Officially .Tyliyah

      Sab was messy but nobody wanna admit it

  • Fritzanique Bastian
    Fritzanique Bastian

    Its the drama for me

  • Zaara

    0:41 omg yes it was u - gaby obregon 2020

  • Zaara

    0:21 😭✋ im dying

    • Alex320


  • Juwan Dougles
    Juwan Dougles

    Sabrina defended Owen when valeria was talking sh*t about him but when valeria talked sh*t about gabby Sabrina just doesn’t care. People say she should have won but I think neither colie, Owen or Sabrina should have won. Just cause someone works harder than the other person doesn’t mean they deserve fame. She thought she was better than gabby and jada. If she, valeria and colie were true friends then they wouldn’t talk behind each other’s backs and wouldn’t let their friends be bullies. They really act shallow.

    • Marie kilpatrick
      Marie kilpatrick

      Exactly! Right like Sabrina, Colie, and Valeria were being fake and shady behind each other’s back 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😐

2,7 mio.