Vinnie Hacker vs. Griffin Johnson ROAST BATTLE 🔥 Reading HATE comments | AwesomenessTV
Griffin Johnson and Vinnie Hacker play Roast My Post! Who's fans have sent them the FIERIEST Burns?? What will Griffin say BACK when given the chance??! Will Vinnie be able to roast his OWN posts?!? Watch to find out and be sure to like, comment and subscribe in the comments section below!!
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The series where AwesomenessTV influencers play fun internet challenges against each other!
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Griffin Johnson (@Griffin Johnson)
Vinnie Hacker (@Vinnie Hacker)
Executive Producer / Director: Christopher Babers
Producer: Marta Palley
Associate Producer: Vick Ravindran
Editor: Jacob Gehnert
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Vinnie Hacker vs. Griffin Johnson ROAST BATTLE 🔥 Reading my HATE comments | AwesomenessTV

  • AwesomenessTV

    LOL who else loves these two?!! I need more!! What else do you want to see from Vinnie and Griffin?!

    • Laura Ramlawi
      Laura Ramlawi

      cooking!! *insert cherry emoji* (srry I don't have it)

    • Emma Sandy
      Emma Sandy

      Cooking or baking 🍒

    • Donnavanessa Youssef
      Donnavanessa Youssef

      🍒They should bake together

    • Noah Playz
      Noah Playz

      I want to see them what’s in their phone 🍒

    • Lily S
      Lily S

      🍒 trivia

  • Radiah Gabrielle
    Radiah Gabrielle

    I think I have a crush

  • Eyeballgram

    Griffin stop with the perms fr bro youre really gonna go bald your hair looks thin asf in half your pics.

  • fiorella pisfiol
    fiorella pisfiol


  • noah pressley
    noah pressley

    griffins laugh is so maniacal

  • Lavette G.
    Lavette G.

    Between Tic Toc and Trump, this world is floating on sh**. These are children so there's no accounting for taste. To each their own. I guess being a bit douchey get's you thousands of screaming pre-teens who haven't realized that quality comes first.

  • a r m y. _ . d o g
    a r m y. _ . d o g

    Vinnie: and IM VINnNiEE Me: bro chillll wtf I lost 1 of my senses

  • kelsey saski
    kelsey saski


  • Starfire

    Vinnies glow up struck me

  • h0take

    vinnie hacker looks like mark ruffalo, am i crazy ?

  • sydney Ruiz
    sydney Ruiz


  • Maria :D
    Maria :D


  • •gacha cookie•
    •gacha cookie•

    Hello 🍒

  • Madison Stuart
    Madison Stuart


  • AwesomenessTV

    🍒 Which would you rather get ROASTED, your instagram or tiktok? 🍒

    • I am Maria
      I am Maria

      Tiktok definitely🍒

    • Acnh Lover
      Acnh Lover


    • Sofia Ralph
      Sofia Ralph

      🍒tiktok because that would be hilarious 🍒

    • Abby Morgan
      Abby Morgan

      My tiktoks 🤣🤣

    • Kese The Sponge
      Kese The Sponge

      Instagram 🍒🍒🍒

  • Sarwa Darwesh
    Sarwa Darwesh

    wat is Hge gah is really bad lugging

  • xoxlaii MSP
    xoxlaii MSP

    2:02 i just did-

  • Baileeplayyz Gamez
    Baileeplayyz Gamez


  • Jennifer Matias
    Jennifer Matias

    For the thirst trap video I thought of the comment “it’s ok Vinnie you can breathe..”

  • tiffixia

    Vinnie should join Sway

  • Kyleigh Davis
    Kyleigh Davis

    9:35 why did it sound like vinnies voice just changed lol

  • Zunaira Iraj
    Zunaira Iraj

    I died at Griffins laugh😂😂

    • a r m y. _ . d o g
      a r m y. _ . d o g

      Why does he laugh like tha-

  • Loading

    grffins laugh wtf

  • Loading

    they seem embaressed of their stuff and vinnies compl diff

  • Peyton Morris
    Peyton Morris

    Griffins laugh Is hilarious , they are BOTH so funny 😭


    Did anyone notice Vinnie laughs with his hand in his mouth..kill me kill me now🥺🥺

  • Ella Osmonson
    Ella Osmonson

    ayo vinnie what u doing in the bathroom?...

  • Siana Graham
    Siana Graham

    I was watching this for some reason... Griffin just tweeted “wheres the wap”

  • Nathan Valencia
    Nathan Valencia

    Why do feel like this was awkward

  • JJ

    No the “they are joking” warning alert 🚨

  • Analeah Martinez
    Analeah Martinez

    Stop making fun of griffins laugh bc some of y'all be sounding like a choking chicken

    • Analeah Martinez
      Analeah Martinez

      @randomlyrics1626 bye

    • randomlyrics1626

      Ahahahaha I - bitch bye - I just choked

  • milkandhoney

    Vinnie: *breathes* Me: 🤰🏾 oh would you look at that

    • a r m y. _ . d o g
      a r m y. _ . d o g

      Never seen a human breath-

  • Natalyn Akeefe
    Natalyn Akeefe

    I love how they faked all the usernames

  • Sese E
    Sese E

    not the usernames.... XXD

  • Avalee Curiel
    Avalee Curiel

    Griffin’s laugh is so freakin cute🤗🥺🤣

  • Alyssa Stone
    Alyssa Stone

    Griffins laugh 😂😂😂

  • Regina Hay
    Regina Hay

    I wanna be friends with Vinnie he seems really genuine and down to earth

  • taylor johnson
    taylor johnson


    • erinシ


  • Sofia Romero
    Sofia Romero

    Griffin don't become James Charles

  • Yar Yar
    Yar Yar


  • Billie Clapz OSC
    Billie Clapz OSC


  • Алина Милкович
    Алина Милкович

    I love them

  • a r m y. _ . d o g
    a r m y. _ . d o g

    Alexa play “be happy” 😶😥

  • a r m y. _ . d o g
    a r m y. _ . d o g

    “I just pooped and dropped 5 pounds

  • Alyssa Kelly
    Alyssa Kelly

    I love griffin's laugh lmao

  • Ezel Amani
    Ezel Amani

    I clicked really fast when I saw Griff in the thumbnail

  • Jaia'

    "hack is wack" took me out😭

  • Mailys Briche
    Mailys Briche


  • Vyannah C-R
    Vyannah C-R

    I like this duo

  • Lara Lauterbach
    Lara Lauterbach

    I really didn’t think griffin would still be in school.

  • justanother teen
    justanother teen

    vinnie just :))))

  • Lou Bosschaert
    Lou Bosschaert

    why is vinnie so perfect ? i love him so much

  • Nadira Islam
    Nadira Islam

    Love u both ♥️♥️

  • Nadira Islam
    Nadira Islam

    Griff ❤️❤️❤️

  • K T
    K T


  • In liv's world
    In liv's world

    I love griffin laugh so much it’s so contagious

  • In liv's world
    In liv's world

    Ahhhhh my fav duo and my two baes love this

  • Audrey Perez
    Audrey Perez

    I love how Vinnie isn’t shy or embarrassed to explain why he posted the post/tweet or like the backstory behind it no matter how weird it is I love it💀😭

  • Jennifer Lollar
    Jennifer Lollar

    I have NEVER heard anybody laugh like Griffin! LMAO😮🤨😆😅🤣😁😀

  • izzy

    i love vinnie so much he personality is so goofy and fun

  • Chloe Baldwin
    Chloe Baldwin

    okay i thought i was a Vinnie girl but Griff’s laugh is the cutest thing i’ve ever heard🥺

    • Sese E
      Sese E

      @iiCosmoAngxlii stop hating him keep it to urself

    • iiCosmoAngxlii

      so laughing like: HYEK HYEK HYEK Is cute?

  • grace wojcik
    grace wojcik

    “the dunkin squad”😭

  • ambriaa's island
    ambriaa's island

    Vinnie. Is bae

  • roxy

    im so in love with vinnie bye

  • Merlina Azua
    Merlina Azua


  • Lizetth Ocaño 4A Pri
    Lizetth Ocaño 4A Pri

    Hey awesomeness tv give this two a weekly section and will give you our soul in exchange

  • Kawaii Unicorn Nugget
    Kawaii Unicorn Nugget

    google changes it! it was 5'9 now its 5'7 11:36

  • Mona Mona
    Mona Mona

    I Love Griffin hes so cute and his laugh 😍

  • Astrid Mehr
    Astrid Mehr

    3:31 why did you guys put a smile over Jaden’s face?

    • a r m y. _ . d o g
      a r m y. _ . d o g

      Jaden watching this like🥲

  • RiiiZoNn

    just people hating on 2 good looking dudes because they‘re insecure about themselves and don‘t have the life they have... that‘s it

  • Terri Fryday
    Terri Fryday

    Griffin's laugh had me wheezing 🤣. These two have great onscreen chemistry ❤️

  • Layahs Life
    Layahs Life

    I just pit iy on the still introing but i kniw he is gonna get dixie roasted

  • Janet Ndawi
    Janet Ndawi

    5:30 homeboy looking like wallmart Shawn mendes 😂😂

  • Jordynn Trinidad
    Jordynn Trinidad

    Why do I feel like the way vinnie said his name in the beginning would be me 😂🦋


    When they ask who makes a video showing off they’re hands they obviously don’t know who corpse husband is

    • Coolspygirl

      That hand is certified my dude.

  • Autumn Kimewon
    Autumn Kimewon

    am i the only one that thinks griffin sounds like squidward when he laughs? idk man

    • allxsson


  • Alyssa Garcia
    Alyssa Garcia

    At least 70 😭😂

  • Rohiek

    These aren’t even roast, I y’all could do better with the stuff I see In Their comments, kinda disappointed

  • Marley Lange
    Marley Lange

    griffins laugh is the cutest thing :)

  • Ashlee Skye
    Ashlee Skye

    Tbh- don't like Griffin LMAO

  • Zinhle Ndebele
    Zinhle Ndebele

    I clicked faster then Noah could simp over dixie

  • Tia Vitezič
    Tia Vitezič

    If I learned anything from this video it’s that Griffin is not gonna lie

  • Liya

    0:42 "she or he" .i mean it doesn't offend me personally, but it definitely made some of his fans feel bad

  • 1000 SUBSCRIBES with 3 videos help me reach it
    1000 SUBSCRIBES with 3 videos help me reach it


  • Sophia Daligou
    Sophia Daligou

    Y did griffin rate all of his like 3s..... like he just doesn’t want to admit that he got roasted

    • nitathestar _.
      nitathestar _.

      I’m saying he only choose a few 10s

  • cassie

    Why did he block out dixie

  • Moni Torres
    Moni Torres

    no entendi 😆🙉👍😃

  • Yasmine Lylia
    Yasmine Lylia

    2:11 griffins eyes sparkle omg

  • Hanna Idontknow
    Hanna Idontknow

    BOTH THEIR LAUGHS ARE.....scaring me ngl

  • Reihana Herbst
    Reihana Herbst

    Vinnie seems so much nicer than he looks like he looks like mean and scary but he sounds really nice and sweet

  • larri love
    larri love

    wasnt this video posted nearly a day ago?? why does it have so less views??

  • Bahja Abdulhusain Fardan
    Bahja Abdulhusain Fardan

    Vinnie and griffin be here talkin about different types of sticks cool

  • charlotte assoulin
    charlotte assoulin

    When griff said dunkin side it’s not the dunkins hate dix that’s all they talk about in there podcast lol Dixies fans are the dixiesticks

  • fa888 Om
    fa888 Om

    griffn and Vinnie you guys are amazing SLtoos and Tik tok ❤ 🥺

  • aleeya

    my 2 fav sway boys

  • Kpoop dude
    Kpoop dude

    Unpopular opinion. I don't find Vinnie attractive. His features are literally not at all good, it's his whole hair and tattoo personality that gives him clout. If he start dressing as simple or like Griffin, he wouldn't be even compared to griffin. And for Griffin i like his face but not body. According me the perfect most charming guy is Noah beck and nobody can change it..

  • MrMarvel0us


  • Emmanuella Awe
    Emmanuella Awe

    griffin's laugh be like: HYEK HYEK HYEK HYEK HYEK

    • Iman nasar
      Iman nasar

      FR LMAO

  • Totiana Fifita
    Totiana Fifita

    It’s ViNnIeE !!!

  • victoria gomez
    victoria gomez

    vinniehacker the shirtless new lil huddy

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Sem SDS-ovec???
36 tis.