Best friend picks my date?! Brent Rivera, Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart & MORE | AwesomenessTV
Brent Rivera, Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart & MORE participate in DATE TAKEOVER! Who do you ship!?
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Best friend picks my date?! Brent Rivera, Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart & MORE | AwesomenessTV

  • Ayesha Z Khan
    Ayesha Z Khan

    I love how peorson was there

  • Movie Paradise
    Movie Paradise

    I will be glad if you subscribe

  • WelCome 123
    WelCome 123

    this is so old

  • Anjali Kadam
    Anjali Kadam

    I feel bad for the girl sim, Ig she is speaking like that because she might have been bullied because she was borne with such teeth and that’s how she deals with the bullies, and lexi being bullied herself she shouldn’t have said like that About sin.

  • ii_pxtato


  • Pene horace Penjueli
    Pene horace Penjueli

    Wait for you think this is how Pierson met Brent she's literally there

  • Jayden EL
    Jayden EL

    Please pick piercing

  • rash c
    rash c

    hi everyone i understand this video is old but it dose not mean u complain about it being old and saying awesomenes tv is so lazy

  • 李倢予

    Cody is cute, but I support Perry! Cause I also from Taiwan! Lexi~good choice, Taiwan is an amazing place! Welcome you to Taiwan with Perry! *-*

  • Ciara E
    Ciara E


  • Ella Williams
    Ella Williams

    Why does itsay 17 hrs ago???

  • Ella Williams
    Ella Williams


  • khurram nafees
    khurram nafees

    What u guys think which one is better? ( Brieson. or. Breva ) If Brieson , then comment 💛 If Breva , then comment 💙

    • khurram nafees
      khurram nafees

      @Ayesha Z Khan ooooh

    • Ayesha Z Khan
      Ayesha Z Khan


    • Rithika MA
      Rithika MA



      @khurram nafees yes

    • khurram nafees
      khurram nafees

      @BHAVINI SARASWAT Oh really?

  • Dino Denver
    Dino Denver

    Brent's date is obviously a fix.

  • Aguardando o ano - luz Taylon
    Aguardando o ano - luz Taylon

    Very 😀👍

  • Leann Sophia
    Leann Sophia

    You are Accord

  • Hessa Alotaibi
    Hessa Alotaibi

    Is this video old because they look younger

  • Mia Fleetwood
    Mia Fleetwood

    only a few peiple use the save button

  • Mia Fleetwood
    Mia Fleetwood

    Its weird cause lexi h has a boyfriend now

    • Mia Fleetwood
      Mia Fleetwood

      @Vaja Mbetjiha no they didnt oh i mean lexi hensler not rivera

    • Vaja Mbetjiha
      Vaja Mbetjiha

      They broke up.

  • Cloudy Kay
    Cloudy Kay

    This is old I have already watched this haahsh

  • Megan Samuels
    Megan Samuels

    Hi AwesomenessTV

  • Scarlett Leach
    Scarlett Leach

    He like really needs a boyfriend

  • Anthony lil
    Anthony lil

    I thought Lexi was dating someone

  • Lilli myp
    Lilli myp

    I rememver how I watched that years ago... but I couldnt remember piercen was the winner ... and now their best friends ... Awesome😉

  • Jomana Awad
    Jomana Awad

    هاى 😇

  • E Clara Manousos
    E Clara Manousos

    I didn’t know this how they met. (Pierson and Brent)

  • Tim'sLife

    shouldn't brent and pierson be dating? they met on this show.

  • Raisa Bran
    Raisa Bran

    Pierson really got famous and got a man out of this!!! U GO GIRL 🔥🔥🔥💘💘💘

    • blittle1107

      O well now I know who it was

  • Fun with Art & Craft
    Fun with Art & Craft

    Ohh this is a old video I guess

  • Selma Tesfamkale
    Selma Tesfamkale


  • Mira Upadhyay
    Mira Upadhyay

    This is so old, and now Brent and Pierson are best friends and practically dating! :)

    • Lily Clark
      Lily Clark

      Ye x

    • Vinayak Biradar
      Vinayak Biradar


    • charli d'amelio and more
      charli d'amelio and more

      Same ahahaha

    • Kodi Phillips
      Kodi Phillips

      I know its so old

    • Eliane Michaud
      Eliane Michaud

      Sammeee hahaha was about to right that comments

  • Wadeema Aldhhaeri
    Wadeema Aldhhaeri


  • Leah Norton
    Leah Norton

    I’ve already seen this it’s such an old vid 😂

    • Cloudy Kay
      Cloudy Kay


  • Ella Parkin
    Ella Parkin


  • Jonas Stank
    Jonas Stank

    Omg 16 comments

  • Sky Sams
    Sky Sams

    Ugh I’m 1 hour late-

    • Ayesha Z Khan
      Ayesha Z Khan

      I'm 4 weeks late-

    • Selma Tesfamkale
      Selma Tesfamkale

      Me to

  • Elbra Sorkhan
    Elbra Sorkhan

    Omg I love you guys!

  • makayla w
    makayla w

    isn’t this one of their older videos?

  • Emy Omar
    Emy Omar

    Wait ... was not that video uploaded a few years ago ..

    • ray

      they always repost stuff

    • Tia Griffin
      Tia Griffin

      I know right

    • Lucia Vassalluzzo
      Lucia Vassalluzzo

      I think it was

  • Emy Omar
    Emy Omar

    Oooppps I am one minute late.😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Vicky


  • Zubair Davids
    Zubair Davids


  • Mia Leah
    Mia Leah


  • Ojasvi Arora
    Ojasvi Arora


  • Nika Kresic
    Nika Kresic


  • Natural Beauty
    Natural Beauty


  • Foram Thakkar
    Foram Thakkar


  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma


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