Noah Beck Tries DANCING Salsa & Tango w/ Kenzie Ziegler 💃 | AwesomenessTV
Welcome back to “NOAH BECK TRIES THINGS”, the show where NOAH BECK enlists his influencer friends to teach him various new skills like Makeup, Dancing, and Cooking to name a few. Join Noah in this week's episode as he teams up with dance superstar and good friend KENZIE ZIEGLER, who helps him learn the TANGO and the MAMBO! How will Noah’s dancing skills hold up?! Will he STEP on KENZIE’s feet?!! Will Kenzie give Noah a passing grade?!! Watch and find out on Season 1 of “Noah Beck Tries Things” exclusively on AwesomenessTV!
Noah Beck sets out to learn new skills that his influencer friends teach him while grading his performance at the end of every episode.
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Noah Beck (@Noah Beck )
Kenzie Ziegler (@kenzie)
Liz Lira (Official_Liz_Lira)
Executive Producer: Noah Beck
Producer / Director: Christopher Babers
Co-Director: Vinny Mui
Associate Producer / Writer: Marta Palley
Head Writer: Nick Haddad
Director of Photography: Sevdije Kastrati
Production Designer: Marian Nusser
Editor: Jeff Schroeder
CCO: O.Z. Ozmen
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Noah Beck Tries DANCING Salsa & Tango w/ Kenzie Ziegler 💃 | AwesomenessTV

  • AwesomenessTV

    Hahaha OMG! What did you think of Noah's dance moves? Think he's ready for a dance night with Dixie?!

    • Kylie Davis
      Kylie Davis

      He is really close to it

    • Radha Nandwana
      Radha Nandwana

      He really 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Reese the best and u the best
      Reese the best and u the best

      You’re lit

    • Aakriti Baram
      Aakriti Baram

      Yes we are waiting for that 😊😊😊😊

    • Natalia Massey
      Natalia Massey

      @Sydney Weatherly ya

  • ma lik
    ma lik


  • Lucia Rippe Badin
    Lucia Rippe Badin

    Vamo Uruguay

  • Z McClain
    Z McClain

    9:22 might need to correct the title of the chapter- 🥴

  • Inaya Syed
    Inaya Syed

    No one Not even a soul☠️ (Noah) SHESS APROACHING MEEEEEE (Mackenzie) lol😹😿

  • Desiree Reinstra
    Desiree Reinstra

    you can tell Noah is so uncomfortable

  • Frankie Cameron
    Frankie Cameron

    Wonder how dixies feeling @dixiedamelio

  • O mundo de Laura
    O mundo de Laura

    Guys stop shipping them Noah is in a relationship and Kenzie is to and doah is my favorite couple so watch your back because I might just stabe it lol jk

    • NRprogamerNR

      Bruh literally no one has said anything about that

  • silly goose
    silly goose

    Dixie would be proud her man point👏blank👏period👏

  • Devoniesia Brown
    Devoniesia Brown

    Haha 😂😂😂Noah beck tries love u Noah

  • Andrea Bernaldez
    Andrea Bernaldez


  • M M
    M M

    no one is seeing comments where they ship them so I'll be the one saying I think they would be cute together

  • Arlet Martinez
    Arlet Martinez

    I hate cultural appropriation 🙄🙄

  • Its Royale Meep
    Its Royale Meep

    Noah: "Yea, but tik tok dances are simple." me: has been trying for years just to perfect RENEGADE


    ok, ok dixie, dixie!

  • TinyNic0le

    When she talked about dancing I remembered dance moms👁👄👁

  • Rachell

    that intructor id so bad like what is that kenzy could teach better

  • Camila Roldan
    Camila Roldan

    Kenz bailando tango es todo lo que necesito 💕💕💕

  • abigail brome
    abigail brome

    they work well together tbh

  • abigail brome
    abigail brome

    7:17 lady, he has a girlfriend..

  • abigail brome
    abigail brome

    4:29 not so subtly kicks the air

  • Cuz Squad
    Cuz Squad

    “This is harder then tiktok dancing” lol I love that😭✋🏻

  • Kaitlyn Lopez
    Kaitlyn Lopez

    dixie is typing...


    Bruh for the people who are thinking noahs flirting, no, hes just genuinely a nice person. Ps: kenzie’s a minor, Noah’s like almost 19. Kenzie and noah are happy with their relationships, So leave them both alone.


    everyone: he isn’t flirting guys he’s just a genuinely nice guy me: *where’s the people saying that*

  • mentee 098
    mentee 098

    ohh crush i ship

  • Jasmine

    noah beck pls collab w tommy innit

  • Jasmine

    noah beck is just so so so so cute

  • Lucky_Lex801


  • Katya Wilson
    Katya Wilson

    idk why.. but for some reason i feel so uncomfortable watching this😂😂

  • Sara Dhayou
    Sara Dhayou

    Kenzie is a boyfriend stealer why here Noah

  • Paisleyy

    Dixie watching this like: 👁👄👁 ( I am NOT saying he is cheating he is just being really nice:)) )

  • Megan Prewitt
    Megan Prewitt

    She is 16 he is 19 y’all there not flirting he’s just nice and so is she beside he has a girlfriend

  • Peam Jotikasthira
    Peam Jotikasthira

    Dixie say *some thing I don’t want to be happy*

  • Arzoo Mahmood
    Arzoo Mahmood

    there just nice people i no what yall are thinking’s

  • Brandon Perez
    Brandon Perez

    to funny best conten

  • cute pie
    cute pie

    Is Dixie is going to get mad

  • Natália Tais Cesco
    Natália Tais Cesco

    very good kids, now you can go to dancing to stars !!

  • Julia Enerlas
    Julia Enerlas

    Hi guys

  • Bubble Brissa
    Bubble Brissa

    Not me thinking kenzie is the birthday girl of a 15 party and Noah is her partner to dance

  • Faith Branchal
    Faith Branchal

    Dixie watching this 🤬🤬🤬😡

  • Alexxxa Wild
    Alexxxa Wild


  • Nada Ashraf
    Nada Ashraf

    Dixie be like 😳🙄😯😦😧

  • Me 5.3
    Me 5.3

    Who thinks Noah and Kenzie should be together

  • Wafa Qwfan
    Wafa Qwfan

    I love Dixie guys but why do I love Noah and Kenzie together more 😂.

  • Little_ ZendayaGurl
    Little_ ZendayaGurl


  • Mausami Ghimirey
    Mausami Ghimirey

    Noah just respects women he’s kind and nice and he would never cheat on Dixie

  • A smol child
    A smol child

    I mean he literally tried avoiding touching her thigh

  • Cidney Newton
    Cidney Newton

    did dixie approve

  • Victoria Cristaldo
    Victoria Cristaldo

    When they “danced” tango but there was classic music playing ☠️

  • Jackie Hernandez
    Jackie Hernandez

    Poor Dixie D’Amelio watching this right now 👊🏻

  • Jade Beaut
    Jade Beaut

    You do know chari was rich before tik tok and the only reason she can dance is because her dad paid for her to dance so if people who are poor learnt to dance from young age they could of been tiktok stars aswell

  • Logan Campbell
    Logan Campbell

    Huh? Was Maddie busy?

  • Nakeerah Jones
    Nakeerah Jones

    Wtf just because he is with a girl their flirting? Haven’t y’all seen ppl interact like this

  • Gabriela Valencia
    Gabriela Valencia


  • kaci-ann baker
    kaci-ann baker

    Dixie watching this be like 😡👁👄👁

  • LawlorFam

    noah dancing with tulip

  • Richelle Macedo
    Richelle Macedo

    Ooooo @dixieD’Amelio he is Cheating 😂 lol

  • Kimberly Hemmans
    Kimberly Hemmans


  • Mayar El Said
    Mayar El Said

    People he’s just a nice guy he’s not flirting with her he’s way older than her anyways

  • Nerissa

    this video just proves how any male and female friendship can never pass in the influencer/celebrity world because y'all always never let it happen unless they're "flirting" or "dating" this is normal life, these type of friendships can actually EXIST suprise !

  • mari .
    mari .

    did anyone else like feel weird when he touched her arm 😭 ??

  • Iauriirxblcx

    2nd hand embarrassment Idk why

  • Kayla McCoy
    Kayla McCoy

    I would die for a chance to dance with Noah omg 😂😂😂

  • Psyndylyn Pasco
    Psyndylyn Pasco

    Dixie left the group*

  • Sharkis05

    Is it just me or does that choreographer say WOOOOOOOOOOOOO way to much

  • Chiquita Banane
    Chiquita Banane

    can he please already stop plucking his eyebrows

    • wäłtêr

      i do it bc of my anxiety and it calms me down its not that easy to stop since i also do it subconsciously sometimes :)

  • Valentina Rojas
    Valentina Rojas


  • Jennybear h
    Jennybear h

    Dixie watching be like watch those hands lol

  • Faye Bairstow
    Faye Bairstow

    You could see the awkward but it’s because tango is a flirty dance and they are both in relationships so it’s just awkward

  • Jimins lilsis
    Jimins lilsis

    Dixie be hella jealous

  • Itz_bleuuu

    Me rushing to the comments to see everyone hating bc he ain't with Dixie rn and with Kenzie instead lmaoooo

  • JBIBeautyBartender

    Hi i,m madison Morales

  • Peyton Decker
    Peyton Decker

    Love Dixie but why would they be so good together

  • Sydnie Fuller
    Sydnie Fuller

    What about Dixie

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez

    "He has some experience from tik tok" bruh what he literally just moves his hands


    Dixie punching the ait Right now

  • বন্ধু দের আড্ডা
    বন্ধু দের আড্ডা


  • Flower squad Clips
    Flower squad Clips

    why didnt noah gift that to dixie

  • Anastasija Rankovic
    Anastasija Rankovic

    Dixie is typing...

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace

    Hahahaha I loved this! Noah's got the moves

  • Addi Duke
    Addi Duke

    She said she’s never thought a routing then I thought back to the Dolan twins

  • emma j
    emma j

    jeff wittek

  • Peyton Medellin
    Peyton Medellin

    Y’all I’m sorry I couldn’t watch it😂it was a lil cringe💀😂

  • Tay Way
    Tay Way

    dixie punching the airrr rn

  • Daniela Flores
    Daniela Flores

    why is he barely with dixie but with other girls?

  • Camila Chike
    Camila Chike

    Stop saying that Noah is flirting 1.Noah is just a nice guy 2.Hes in a relationship and 3. Makenzie is literally 16 years old and Noah is 19, that would be ILLEGAL

  • awsomeness

    I ain't gone lie is Dixie sees this she gonna be jelly:/

  • little baby pug
    little baby pug

    Im an american latino dancer and its soooo much harder than tik tok dances ,i learn tik tok dances in like 30 min max

  • Aaliyah Navarro
    Aaliyah Navarro

    i like that he’s sooo awkward 😂😂

  • The Nila Show
    The Nila Show

    Dixie watching like:it’s chill my man is nice

  • Zsofia Tapodi
    Zsofia Tapodi

    DiXIe: 👁👄👁

  • Samirah SYEDA
    Samirah SYEDA

    I felt awkward lmao😬

  • Harper Bartholomew
    Harper Bartholomew

    What about Dixie 🤧🥺🤭😰😰

  • Kaylee Mango
    Kaylee Mango

    I forgot noah was like 19 or sum n Kenzie is like 15

  • Mia T
    Mia T


  • Nercy Gonzalez
    Nercy Gonzalez

    Que tipo de salsa es esa? Porque así no la bailamos los latinos

  • Alanna Martinez
    Alanna Martinez

    he’s so sweet

  • Ashanti Pratt
    Ashanti Pratt


  • Amahle Mdineka
    Amahle Mdineka

    I feel so awkward cause the tango is for lovers and they are not he should be doing this with dixie

2,7 mio.