TOP 7 HOTTEST COUPLE MOMENTS 🔥😘 | AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer w/ Alex Warren
AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer w/ Alex Warren had SO MANY STEAMY MOMENTS... but here are the best kisses, couples, and relationships. 😍
00:00​ #7 "Jabrina's Picnic Date"
02:13 #6 "Colie Catches Feelings"
02:54 #5 "Jabrina: The Beginning"
03:59​ #4 "Forgiving Rail"
05:14 #3 "Water Balloon Bae"
05:49​ #2 "Lips Don't Lie"
06:55​ #1 "Too Hot To Handle"
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ATV's Next Influencer hosted by Hype House‘s own Alex Warren, follows a group of up and coming latinx influencers living under one roof with one common goal - become the NEXT BIG TIKTOK STAR. But balancing new relationships and continuously trying to go viral, all while adjusting to their new life in Miami means drama is bound to pop up. Find out if these TikTokers have what it takes to become the #ATVNextInfluencer​!
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Alex Warren: @AlexWaarren
Colie Nuanez: @Colie.1
Gaby Obregon: @gabyobregon
Jada Wesley: @JadaWesleyy
Julian & Jovani Jara: @99goonsquad
Owen Holt: @Owen.Holt
Raul Encio: @Raulencio
Sabrina Quesada: @sabquesada
Valeria Arguelles: @Valeriaxxargu
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TOP 7 HOTTEST COUPLE MOMENTS 🔥😘 | AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer w/ Alex Warren

  • AwesomenessTV

    OMGGGGGGG. Quick - tell me who you ship in the house? I'm a sucker for Colie and Raul (not rail) LOL

    • Ellery Newton
      Ellery Newton

      Colie and Owen🍒

    • Laura Ramlawi
      Laura Ramlawi

      sabrina and julian *insert cherry emoji*(srry i don't have it )

    • Emma Sandy
      Emma Sandy

      Sabrina and Julian🍒

    • Millie Radcliffe
      Millie Radcliffe

      Sabrina and Julian

    • Donnavanessa Youssef
      Donnavanessa Youssef

      🍒Sabrina and Julian for sure

  • Tori Apple bottom
    Tori Apple bottom

    Jada wow girl

  • Payton Trujillo
    Payton Trujillo

    Colie is engaged now her boyfriend just proposed after dating for two months I think it weird

  • مرال عباس
    مرال عباس


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  • fredwhu10

    This is gay😂😂

  • Maasha Mujthaba
    Maasha Mujthaba

    @awesomenesstv we want a season 2- with the same people, I miss jabrina

  • Jasmine Ramirez :3
    Jasmine Ramirez :3

    This show is just no tiktokers on a reality show just no i cant its cringe and totally staged

  • Krystal J
    Krystal J

    Wait Julian said one .......... so there’s more songs about her

  • sydney Ruiz
    sydney Ruiz


  • Madison Stuart
    Madison Stuart


  • N MM
    N MM

    To speed things up, here 🍒

  • AwesomenessTV

    🍒 If you had to set up any two tik tokers on a date, who would it be? 🍒

    • Carli Mae
      Carli Mae

      Noah and Dixie

    • I am Maria
      I am Maria

      Dexie and noah!🍒

    • Acnh Lover
      Acnh Lover

      Dixie and Noah

    • Sofia Ralph
      Sofia Ralph

      🍒charli and chase i guess🍒

    • Abby Morgan
      Abby Morgan

      Noah and Dixie 🤣💖

  • Aracely Melgar-Miranda
    Aracely Melgar-Miranda

    Colie's twitching has me dead!😂

  • Tayo Nhamussua
    Tayo Nhamussua

    Isn’t Sabrina with cooper

  • joyce k
    joyce k

    We need a season 2🌝🌝

  • livingasebikere

    NGL I'm in love with this channel😂❤

  • Ava Iraji
    Ava Iraji


  • •AesthxticPearl•

    W-why am I here My brain:cuz-

  • לוי אלכסנדרה דנה
    לוי אלכסנדרה דנה

    Y’all doing Sabrina DIRTY LMAOOO

  • Ayra Kashif
    Ayra Kashif

    favv show ever!

  • Ahmad Aso
    Ahmad Aso

    Coli. Water. Abowt. Toper

  • Pavitra Jadhav
    Pavitra Jadhav

    Cooper I feel bad for u bro 😎

  • Mimi Keene
    Mimi Keene

    Owen goes nfbfnfjdjs

  • Ice Parco
    Ice Parco

    Is there going to be a season 2? Their drama is entertaining pls😭

    • peppa pig
      peppa pig

      i think so!

  • Jaslyn's Vlogs
    Jaslyn's Vlogs

    The song was so cringe-

  • Benjamin Dittman
    Benjamin Dittman

    They never went in the bed though Whoops is this pg or pg13

  • Benjamin Dittman
    Benjamin Dittman

    Rauls song was soooo cringe

  • samantha duarte
    samantha duarte

    I’m waiting for the reunion episode

  • anayaedits


  • anisha antione
    anisha antione

    poeple there are kid's seeing this stop

  • evelyn kenny
    evelyn kenny

    im sorry just ew.

  • 99goonsquad

    Ayoo Jada went crazy😳💀

    • Daniella M
      Daniella M

      Haha 😅

    • Chloe Chandler
      Chloe Chandler

      should’ve kissed her better 🤪

  • VictoriaW

    this was sooooooooo cringe

  • Nana Ramirez
    Nana Ramirez


  • Annalse

    These shows are so cringe but IM OBSESSED 😍

  • Marie de vet
    Marie de vet

    season 2???

  • Mya Suchland
    Mya Suchland


  • Mya Suchland
    Mya Suchland

    I need more but need people 😕😪

  • Megan Samuels
    Megan Samuels


  • Ell_ ie
    Ell_ ie

    I found sab and Julian was soooo cute!!!

  • Maggie Shy
    Maggie Shy

    did anyone else notice that the title for when Raul sang Colie a song was "Forgiving Rail"?😂

    • crying my heart out
      crying my heart out


    • AwesomenessTV

      lmaoooo it became tooo funny

  • Vinayak Biradar
    Vinayak Biradar

    I'm lost 🙇

  • Roy Kim
    Roy Kim

    You should send this video to topper

  • Coco Quinn Shorts
    Coco Quinn Shorts

    Owen: “Jada, Govanni, LOLLOLERIJJFROOEELELKLLL 👅👅👅👅”

    • •Aizah•

      @Coco Quinn Shorts thanks for being honest

    • Violet Ellis
      Violet Ellis

      So I really like coco

    • Coco Quinn Shorts
      Coco Quinn Shorts

      @Violet Ellis I’m just a fan page. My name literally says “Coco Quinn SHORTS”

    • Vinayak Biradar
      Vinayak Biradar

      I'm lost 🙇

    • •Aizah•

      She's fake

  • Aylin's Vlogs
    Aylin's Vlogs

    Too much drama in the show

  • sara palacios
    sara palacios


    • joyce k
      joyce k


    • AwesomenessTV


  • Chocolate Chip
    Chocolate Chip


  • Brenna Simpson
    Brenna Simpson

    This is so cringe I hate it 😂

  • sara palacios
    sara palacios

    so much tea in this show

  • Kayla Bateast
    Kayla Bateast

    Why am I still watching this show? Its like so addictive in a bad but good way 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Lily Abdelhalim
    Lily Abdelhalim

    Broooo I want more of thisssss I miss ittttt

  • help me reach 1k before may
    help me reach 1k before may

    Imagine if someone subscribe to me

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar

    Adarsh122020 is my Instagram id. .... Love from india...

  • Madison Miller
    Madison Miller

    FYI you forgot to start the merrell twins premiere and posted this instead

  • Alicia Cuppa
    Alicia Cuppa

    when is the next season coming

  • Oceanside cases!
    Oceanside cases!

    I understand like that Valaria she think she’s all that and everything but honestly I feel like to be a good influence her because I feel like she’d have like good clothing taste and all that so I feel like I should be good with that and yeah she’s confident but she does kind of think she’s all that

  • Yasm1nn

    not people commenting like 10 times trying to get a lot of likes🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  • Luis Gomex
    Luis Gomex

    Cause u didn't mean what ur wrote in that song abt MEEEEE😂

  • Jamal Tomlinson
    Jamal Tomlinson

    season 2 ?

  • Rahaf Almawas
    Rahaf Almawas

    It is going to hot in their 😘😽

  • Alexandra Tsinia
    Alexandra Tsinia

    Nobody: Me: I wanna see those comments

  • Azslin Matney
    Azslin Matney

    Collies so annoying

  • N H
    N H

    this show and dixie's vouge video really just secured how entitled tik tokers are

  • ocean Brown
    ocean Brown

    38th comment

  • DenaBuilds

    5 mins ago, pls start the Merrell twins food truck fanatics LIVE

  • aniya siler
    aniya siler


  • Sereen’s Vlogs
    Sereen’s Vlogs


  • Maya Dauria
    Maya Dauria

    You know whats funny everyone who is watching this video hasn't finished it yet.

    • Vinayak Biradar
      Vinayak Biradar


  • Naomi Azeez
    Naomi Azeez


  • Bailey Bailey
    Bailey Bailey


  • Caroline Boakye
    Caroline Boakye

    im sad it over

  • Maya Dauria
    Maya Dauria

    Early squad where you at?!

  • Jaelie Noglo
    Jaelie Noglo

    Is no one going to talk about how Julian released the song that he made for sab and renamed it pancakes

    • Sxmply_bibi

      @AwesomenessTV are u good is u glitching oop

    • AwesomenessTV

      laksjbrgaklhg rrk OMGGGGGG

    • Misty Moon
      Misty Moon

      @Be mi nae what!? Nooooooooooo

    • Misty Moon
      Misty Moon

      Lol ikr

    • Be mi nae
      Be mi nae

      I thought they had some beef between them

  • Jaelie Noglo
    Jaelie Noglo

    Watching Sab and Julian makes me cringe because she is with cooper now 😳

    • kayden steward
      kayden steward

      @Indie Rose no I don't think that I think they were together when this was aired not filmed. Or they could have been in the talking stage not dating yet.

    • Indie Rose
      Indie Rose

      She’s always been with him . She was with him when this was filmed

    • kayden steward
      kayden steward

      she seems alot happier tho

  • MylifeasKhaliyah


  • Its layan plays roblox yt
    Its layan plays roblox yt

    congrats to eveyone early and found this comment for real :)

  • Terry hehe
    Terry hehe


  • Minnie's Life
    Minnie's Life

    Addicted waiting for the next episode of Noah Beck Tries things

    • doah Forever
      doah Forever

      Same lol

    • Sophie C
      Sophie C

      ME LMAO

  • Anyelen Bueno
    Anyelen Bueno

    awww 😘

  • sofia torres
    sofia torres

    Im early lets go!

    • Misty Moon
      Misty Moon


  • Jaelie Noglo
    Jaelie Noglo

    THE DRAMA that came from this show lol

    • AwesomenessTV

      LITERALLY. What was your fav moment? 👀

    • Ell_ ie
      Ell_ ie

      @Lilly Crass it’s awesomenessTVs next big influencer

    • Lilly Crass
      Lilly Crass

      Can you give me the name so I can watch the show

  • Amanda Rampersad
    Amanda Rampersad cute

  • Its layan plays roblox yt
    Its layan plays roblox yt

    well the hottest couple isnt here bc its is '' doah '' :)

    • doah Forever
      doah Forever


  • Jaelie Noglo
    Jaelie Noglo

    Immediately not this

  • Sydney Smith
    Sydney Smith

    I'm soo early!

  • Ayisha Harshida
    Ayisha Harshida

    What channel this🙄?

  • Waahiba Abdurahman
    Waahiba Abdurahman

    Who else is also so excited for new season to come out

    • Sereen’s Vlogs
      Sereen’s Vlogs


    • Misty Moon
      Misty Moon


  • •AesthxticPearl•

    W-why am I here My brain:cuz-

    • santhonia Stephenson
      santhonia Stephenson

      Am wondering the same bc this is weird and a little cringe

  • Lubna Alhakeem
    Lubna Alhakeem

    Why am I so addicted😆😆

    • Vinayak Biradar
      Vinayak Biradar


  • crying my heart out
    crying my heart out

    lol this season is kinda cringey

  • cc oe
    cc oe


  • Adhraa Kazi
    Adhraa Kazi


  • Nasya James
    Nasya James


  • Spencer Baird
    Spencer Baird

    I vm love you awesomeness tv

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    Naya Nicole


  • Gurdeep Kaur
    Gurdeep Kaur


    • Gurdeep Kaur
      Gurdeep Kaur

      Or first

  • Diocelina Saavedra
    Diocelina Saavedra


  • Karina plays Roblox
    Karina plays Roblox


  • Caomhe Drennan
    Caomhe Drennan


Sem SDS-ovec???
36 tis.
Sem SDS-ovec???
36 tis.