Noah Beck and Kenzie Ziegler DANCE gets ✨awkward✨- TikTok vs. Real Dancer | AwesomenessTV #Shorts
The latest episode of Noah Beck Tries Things has him dancing the TANGO with Kenzie Ziegler... we love to see it 😂🙌 FULL VIDEO LINK BELOW!
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Noah Beck and Kenzie Ziegler ROMANTIC DANCE gets ✨awkward✨ | AwesomenessTV

  • SavageLøverß

    Yall gotta chill there just having fun-

  • Tinslee Mangrum
    Tinslee Mangrum

    Dixie is quacking

  • Alexandra Rentschler
    Alexandra Rentschler

    LOL ✋🏻 too much

  • Alexandra Rentschler
    Alexandra Rentschler

    Who else saw this just from an ad?

  • Ayden Garcia
    Ayden Garcia


  • Sophia Galang
    Sophia Galang

    Bet Dixie won't BE HAPPY hhahhaahh lol

  • Ray Wallace
    Ray Wallace

    she greww

  • Alondra Rivera
    Alondra Rivera

    no bc the people in the comments are so dramatic and for what 😩😩

  • Camila Mata
    Camila Mata


  • Sarah 2005
    Sarah 2005

    Bro just stop, stop, this is so annoying. He’s taken and he’s just a nice dude that wants to have a good relationship w everyone. He literally smiles everywhere he goes and who he talks to stop shipping theirs friends chill god, yall can’t let ppl live there life.🥱

  • ?

    Bruh y’all realize he has a gf

  • Hi I’m Tati
    Hi I’m Tati

    Y’all people in the comments say it’s gonna cause drama but y’all the ones causing the drama like fr.🙃🤨🙄

  • kevin ewolaeylgo
    kevin ewolaeylgo

    Noah is 19 Kenzie is 16

  • Rose Plays
    Rose Plays

    Why y’all so dramatic it just dancing

  • dababy


  • Miguel Velazquez
    Miguel Velazquez

    The way he looks at her 0-0

  • nine pluto
    nine pluto

    Y’all are so sensitive like chill there just friends

  • Lily Grumbles
    Lily Grumbles

    Delete this please

  • Chloe Lockheart
    Chloe Lockheart

    He looks like he likes kenzie more than dixie LMFAO

  • Carely • 6 years ago
    Carely • 6 years ago

    How to delete a SLtoos video: 1. Click your account icon and then choose "Your channel." ... 2. Start SLtoos Studio to delete videos you've already uploaded. ... 3. When you hover the mouse over a video, the play and options buttons appear. ... 4. Click the options menu button to delete a video.

  • Marilis Alvarado
    Marilis Alvarado

    There really gonna change the thumbnail

  • Maiyah Fronda
    Maiyah Fronda

    What about Dixie?

  • Squid Weird
    Squid Weird

    She’s 16.....Noah is with

  • LuckyLexi

    Omg there r some ppl in the world that make stupid decisions, this was on of them!

  • Pig Expeariments
    Pig Expeariments

    Dude are you TRYING to get them broken up? Like if he is gonna dance he should do it with his GIRLFRIEND like what is wrong with you.

  • Princess James
    Princess James

    Are y’all ok ? Y’all are so dramatic ! What ? They are just dancing. they might have got permission

  • Arlianna Mcdonald
    Arlianna Mcdonald

    Dixie watching this:👁💧👄💧👁🤜🤜👊👎

  • Yena

    Cringe inducing coma

  • Karsyn Jacobs
    Karsyn Jacobs

    Ship Kenzie and Noah instead of Dixie! JK NIXIE FOREVER!

  • hOt dOg
    hOt dOg

    “this is way harder then tiktok dancing”💀🤚🏼

  • fRoGGo eVa
    fRoGGo eVa

    poor kenz she's too good to be there with him

  • Samantha Jacobson
    Samantha Jacobson

    This is so much harder than tiktok 😝🤩🥰 Everyone: NO SHI-

  • auviela

    I'm literally cringing.

  • Impostor Productions
    Impostor Productions

    He looks gay

  • mily milyy
    mily milyy

    Aren’t they both in a relationship.....

  • Bunny girl
    Bunny girl

    Why did y’all do this-

  • Melisa Orellana
    Melisa Orellana

    Bruh people they're just dancing stop saying Noah looks at her eyes better not to dixie have you ever heard of ✨ Dancing✨

  • siham isse
    siham isse

    delete it before dixie sees it

  • Belinda Dominguez
    Belinda Dominguez

    has anybody noticed he tattoo on Kenzie's left arm above the elbow when she reaches for the report card.

  • Josey's Channel
    Josey's Channel

    First thing that came to my mind *DIXIE*

  • Brissa Gracia
    Brissa Gracia


  • Amelia

    ur gonna make it awkward now, its literally dance. nothing more. get a grip.

  • Charlotte White
    Charlotte White


  • Grace Walker
    Grace Walker

    this is so awkward

  • Larray Fan
    Larray Fan

    Lol this is so funny

  • Kemi Life’s
    Kemi Life’s

    People stop making romantic comments Noah is almost a adult and Kenz is a teen so .....yeah

  • Nuriy Azurin
    Nuriy Azurin

    Y all of a sudden it looks like a goddamn fan edits stuff r u guys ok

  • Honey-Sim


  • Jonathan Martinez
    Jonathan Martinez

    They really changed the thumbnail? Its used to be like noah saying "sorry dixie" and kenzie saying, "sorry (her boyfriend), this is weird and yall should delete this before anybody starts assuming things, plus ppl are gonna be calling noah a predator since shes underage, just delete it while you still can cuz ik ppl are gonna get the wrong idea

  • OrangeOnes Gaming
    OrangeOnes Gaming

    Wtf is this

  • dhiya sridhar
    dhiya sridhar

    noah dancing with kenzie in his mind he is thinking that kensie is dixie and dancing reallly goood!!

  • Rozalenda Shanti
    Rozalenda Shanti


  • MacKenzie Jordan
    MacKenzie Jordan

    Wow y'all really trying to create drama.

  • Pastel Parrot
    Pastel Parrot

    Umm this was posted 9 hours ago how are there comments from 2 days ago

  • 90mejicanos

    It’s sooooooo cringeyyyyyy 😂😂😂😂😂

  • bitchesxbutterflies love
    bitchesxbutterflies love

    Not you guys reposting an edited vid of this, changing the title, and saying it was awkward when they have a age gap and are both in relationships

  • Juan Victor
    Juan Victor

    What bad way to promote a show

  • Andrea Lozoya
    Andrea Lozoya

    Why couldn’t he do it with Dixie?

  • Juan Reveles
    Juan Reveles

    Idk but awesomeness tv is not so awesome anymore

  • B

    Whooooo Dixie do you see thissss whooo Noah got to girls now whoooooooo🤯🤯🤯🤯😍

  • mia marie
    mia marie

    shes 16 and hes 19.... this title creepy.

  • Jania Scott
    Jania Scott

    the thumbnail on this is disgusting!! if u watched the video you’d know that there was nothing romantic going on!!!

  • •Mïlki Crêam•
    •Mïlki Crêam•

    Bruh.. it's crazy how y'all people with post anything about a celebrities PRIVATE life and twist the story around just to get views on here. Kenzie and Noah are just friends and nothing else. They are both in happy committed relationships.... Edit: ok I'm may sound rude with what I just said but I'm just stating the obvious. Like if you agree with me

  • That bitch.
    That bitch.

    What the f-

  • Cami G
    Cami G


  • diamond x
    diamond x

    ok..this video is pointless

  • nia

    the thumbnail..😒🙄

  • lex edits
    lex edits

    a guy and girl can be just friends yk

  • lex edits
    lex edits

    the thumbnail killed me 😭💀

  • Baylei A
    Baylei A


  • prisha patel
    prisha patel

    Wow great job causing drama

  • Danielletiktok Lover
    Danielletiktok Lover😑

  • Zariah Culp
    Zariah Culp

    Just delete this 😭✋

  • Marilis Alvarado
    Marilis Alvarado

    Why did they make this

  • Liiyah

    It is just a dance..

  • Brianna Wilson
    Brianna Wilson

    It’s not to late to delete this

  • Yodibean

    No no no this is not okay DIXIE COME COLECT YOUR MANZ NOW PLEADE

  • Erin Tringali
    Erin Tringali

    The fact that this was filmed before both of them were dating and the fact that he is working with awesomeness tv for a project that he loves is ridiculous

  • _ justnya
    _ justnya

    did y’all really have to do this? there’s no point y’all dumb people trying to start drama 🙄just take it down

  • sally gummdrops
    sally gummdrops

  • madelynnn !
    madelynnn !

    that title tho 😀

  • Miley Ruiz
    Miley Ruiz

    The thumbnail tho 😃🔫

  • officiall jev
    officiall jev

    Awesomeness tryna start drama 😂😂mhmm

  • Joy.baybeee

    Delete this

  • aepziegler

    wth is this-

  • Zoé Dionne
    Zoé Dionne

    I'm confused, why is there comments from a day ago when it was posted 2 hours ago??

  • Olivia Rosario
    Olivia Rosario

    Why would u put this on SLtoos?

  • Zara Banana
    Zara Banana

    Isn't she suppose to be a professional dancer ⁉️

  • Naa Enyonam
    Naa Enyonam

    Um you know this is gonna cause drama and then before you know it tea-spillers are gonna be reporting this- Like if you agree

  • Appxyl

    why just why

  • Gxa yo
    Gxa yo

    It was awkward

  • Sam's_ Animations
    Sam's_ Animations


  • Mxggie Garcia
    Mxggie Garcia

    U need to delete this u are trying to ruin there life

  • Cool Norris
    Cool Norris

    This makes me cringe dixie is probs like EHH WTF

  • Valerie Alonzo
    Valerie Alonzo

    Ok but why do you guys have to make it so akward? Noah is who how many years older than kenzie and Noah has a gf and kenzie has a bf. So why u do guys have to make it like if they were flirting or something?, when in reality they were just dancing😐🙄

  • Maddie iix
    Maddie iix

    Bruh they’re just dancing😭💀 I don’t think anything special was going on

  • Lowkey Tessa
    Lowkey Tessa

    Awesomeness TV knew what they were doing when they posted this

  • hemuli 123
    hemuli 123

    Delete this wtf

  • elizabeth wilson
    elizabeth wilson

    This should be deleted, Dixie and Noah are dating, they just danced it's not something serious,.

    • elizabeth wilson
      elizabeth wilson

      @fRoGGo eVa ya

    • fRoGGo eVa
      fRoGGo eVa

      and kenzie has a boyfriend too

    • HewoieOnRoblox


  • Makattack

    Omg they are just friends

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