Did Alex Warren Leave the Hype House?! - Internet's Most Searched Questions | AwesomenessTV
How did Alex Warren meet Kouvr? Is Alex in the Hype house?? Are Alex and David Dobrik BROTHERS?? Who is Alex’s FAVORITE tiktoker?!? Alex Warren answers the internet’s most searched questions about himself! Make sure to watch this extra juicy episode to find out, and be sure to like, comment and subscribe in the comments section below!!
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The series where AwesomenessTV influencers answer the internet’s most searched questions about themselves!
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Alex Warren (@Alexwaarren)
Executive Producer / Director: Christopher Babers
Producer: Marta Palley
Associate Producer: Vick Ravindran
Editor: Jacob Gehnert
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Did Alex Warren Start Dating Kouvr on TikTok?! - Internet's Most Searched Questions | AwesomenessTV

  • AwesomenessTV

    Who else absolutely LOVES Alex and Kouvr?!?! Who else is excited to see Alex host the last episode of Awesomenesstv's Next Influencer?!!

    • Lizbeth Avila
      Lizbeth Avila

      ask alex if laurenzside

    • sqmson

      Not me

    • RL

      Omg me

    • Daniel Idowu
      Daniel Idowu

      @AwesomenessTV y’all to much.

    • Hannah Humayun
      Hannah Humayun

      Can y’all do Kouvr?

  • G Baumgarth
    G Baumgarth

    I love the rookie

  • Trysten Spillman
    Trysten Spillman

    Thomas and alex dont look alike

  • Matthew Caimbeul
    Matthew Caimbeul


  • Conner Boswell
    Conner Boswell

    Bru david has 2 sisters and 1 brother

  • Nonoman Gaming
    Nonoman Gaming

    Ay I also watch the rookie. Swat and ncis

  • VineTastic VineTastic
    VineTastic VineTastic

    Im a Virgo too and I have adhd and anxious

  • Mili dhe Ledi
    Mili dhe Ledi

    Wtf 00:12 voice to 00:16 voice

  • Valerie Rouze
    Valerie Rouze

    Alex are you better than Thomas at tiktoks

  • Jaylen Cakes
    Jaylen Cakes

    Alex is so unproblematic

  • Leena Baloch
    Leena Baloch

    Ok we gonna ignore the fact that Alex and Kouvr don’t have a ship named?

  • Genevieve Mendez
    Genevieve Mendez

    OMG i live thin CARLSBAD!!

  • Sundaecookie .*
    Sundaecookie .*

    You guys are the best i will sub and like for every

  • ItsYaGirlJade :3
    ItsYaGirlJade :3

    Wow I'm a virgo to

  • Babatunde Olajide
    Babatunde Olajide

    how is this an ad and only has 100k views these channels are dead asf just quit like jeez get tf out my screen

  • Cynthia Perez
    Cynthia Perez

    I’m born in California and I’m also a Virgo

  • Jorge L Rodriguez
    Jorge L Rodriguez

    Alex should leave SLtoos not the hype house he has no talent and only steals ideas from other famous youtubers and claims he came up with it 🙄🙄btw not funny🥱😴

  • Spotsville Squad
    Spotsville Squad

    How long was you and your girlfriend with Dean

  • Spotsville Squad
    Spotsville Squad

    What is your favorite thing to do

  • Street Toys
    Street Toys

    Imagine trying to steal david dobriks whole identity

  • Hush queens
    Hush queens

    I love how he is so genuine

  • Kamryn Burns
    Kamryn Burns

    Alex: my first kiss I was five and her name was Sophia and we had tea and I wanted to marry her Kovur: 👀 where is this beetch

  • MonkeyBread

    Here’s a better question who gives a shit

  • Smash_It

    0:17 you don’t make funny videos copycat

  • Misty Meadows
    Misty Meadows

    Alex is amazing and isn’t afraid to say things on SLtoos or tv 😌

  • Among us cool vids !
    Among us cool vids !

    Make more vids alex

  • Katelyn Besse
    Katelyn Besse

    I think Alex day dreamed a lot in this video

  • Michael Heikkila
    Michael Heikkila

    He kinda sounds like David dobrek

  • Leon Leon
    Leon Leon


  • •n̶e̶z̶u̶k̶o̶ k̶a̶m̶a̶d̶o̶•
    •n̶e̶z̶u̶k̶o̶ k̶a̶m̶a̶d̶o̶•

    Ayyyy, I'm a virgo to😎

  • Avery’s Boom
    Avery’s Boom

    I’ma Virgo to :D

  • Dylan Davidson
    Dylan Davidson

    Tbh no one cares

  • keira a
    keira a


  • Jackson Mitchell
    Jackson Mitchell

    I love tennet

  • Asmr Girls
    Asmr Girls


  • Saaul _a Saul Aguilera
    Saaul _a Saul Aguilera

    Hawaii is in the United States

  • Jacob Swan
    Jacob Swan

    Alex Warren is the copycat David Dobrik

  • Gone Fishin
    Gone Fishin

    Wow, he has really put on the pounds. It does not look good on him at all.

  • Alex Hidalgo
    Alex Hidalgo

    Who cares?

  • sqmson


  • kk _
    kk _

    Where’s James Charles??? 😯😯

  • kk _
    kk _

    I don’t like you

  • kk _
    kk _

    Stop posting

  • kk _
    kk _

    I don’t like your videos

  • kk _
    kk _

    I’m undubbing

  • Freshly6508

    Is no one going to talk about how similar to David Dobrik

  • Namu Msf
    Namu Msf

    The met through dayna guys and They didn't say thanks or anything and They just left her alone.

  • Pat Wilky
    Pat Wilky

    Carlsbad you go there go to beach tarece in

  • Jasslyn Barrientes
    Jasslyn Barrientes

    I actually played modern warfare

  • Anjoanjo25 De Castro
    Anjoanjo25 De Castro

    nah he did not i saw it pn brent river videt

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust

    I’m also a Virgo ♍️

  • Jenna Sweeney
    Jenna Sweeney

    So Alex's sisters name is Lauren Warren. That sounds so funny!😂

  • RL

    How did they meet in snapchat hahhah that's funny

  • collinvideos7 whitehead
    collinvideos7 whitehead

    I am a Virgo ♍ to

  • Kaydence Ihle
    Kaydence Ihle

    We have the same birthday 🎂

  • geri rison
    geri rison

    Love stranger things

  • olivia Gregory
    olivia Gregory

    My grandma loves NCIS

  • Alazuwan Baker
    Alazuwan Baker

    Im a virgo: agust 29th 2006

  • Rachel Harrington
    Rachel Harrington

    I have watched NCIS like 5 times

  • Liz Zavala
    Liz Zavala


  • Koala Lover
    Koala Lover

    Who is ready for Alex and kouvr to get married

  • carlosmendoza180

    I love Alex LMAO

  • Maria O
    Maria O

    Hi I'm. 8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SaRi SoLu
    SaRi SoLu

    I thought he had a dog or was this before he got the dog for kouvr

  • Justin Ferrell
    Justin Ferrell

    Why does Alex copy David’s whole act Lmaoo

  • Nick Branch
    Nick Branch

    Sorry I won't subscribe but I have a question what kind of jokes do you use to make people laugh

  • okaybruhstfu

    Who even is this guy

  • Jillian Chevalier
    Jillian Chevalier

    Alex: “i would never fight anyone” Alex like 2 minutes later: “I would hit you in the face for lying to me”

  • Piper Rockelle
    Piper Rockelle

    Kouvr must be a good drawer

  • That fornite Kid
    That fornite Kid

    He only names the two girls😎

  • Sarah Calvert
    Sarah Calvert

    You have 9 cars wooooow

  • Mac Crack
    Mac Crack

    Alex just reminded me to go watch more ncis

  • jshorty912

    I love u vids

  • Avatar Aang
    Avatar Aang

    When he was saying what cars he has I felt like I was in gta 5

  • Kailyn Arthurs
    Kailyn Arthurs

    Hi, I love Alex Warren sooo much😋

  • Lucia Leon
    Lucia Leon

    I thought kovour was your sister😭😢

    • Alma Lopez
      Alma Lopez


  • Polik

    Who cares

  • mal joe_77
    mal joe_77

    Not the thumbnail😂🤚🏼

  • Michele Hargrove
    Michele Hargrove

    Tell Alex that my husband likes the swat too and so does my nine-year-old daughter

  • Destiney Freeman
    Destiney Freeman

    Im a big fan of your girlfriend

  • Cami Vazquez adame
    Cami Vazquez adame


  • michelle Wilson
    michelle Wilson

    I like how he said kid

  • Little Savannah
    Little Savannah


  • YEEZY 212
    YEEZY 212

    Alex should watch “Now You See Me” i think he would like it

  • Maggie McCoy
    Maggie McCoy

    I’m a Virgo too 😁

  • Emma Perales
    Emma Perales


  • Cosmic Butterfly
    Cosmic Butterfly

    He does sound like David

  • Lesly Soledad
    Lesly Soledad

    Lmao he stick the mindel fingwr

  • maddie stephens
    maddie stephens

    i have a question for him is he related to lewis calpaldi?

    • Bella Bella 101
      Bella Bella 101

      I knowwwww right I always thought that they look sooooo similar

  • skye lundy
    skye lundy

    I’m a Virgo too

    • Kinley Kastl
      Kinley Kastl

      Me too

  • Ep3icc

    David Dobrik 2.0 😑

  • Tay & Brooke
    Tay & Brooke

    Not Alex just flexing all his car's

  • Loving Life Gaming
    Loving Life Gaming

    He has so many cars and motorcycles

  • Just Ray
    Just Ray

    im like he mabye has like 2 no 2,000

  • Hiren Bhakta
    Hiren Bhakta

    ALEX, THAT IS SO MANY VEHICLES FOR ONE DUDE, anyways, have a good day

  • Z and Lavender gaming Roblox
    Z and Lavender gaming Roblox

    The cars were really a flex for me 💅✨👁👄👁

  • Gracie Atkinson
    Gracie Atkinson

    He’s so chill and genuine how can you hate on him he never does anything wrong 💀🤭

  • Gina Flores
    Gina Flores

    We have the same zodiac sign

  • Fallon Parker
    Fallon Parker

    He should watch razolian Ilze

  • yareli rodriguez
    yareli rodriguez

    alex: he’s very nice tho, very cool guy. also alex: i have his cat😭

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