Noah Beck Tries Makeup with Best Friend James Charles | AwesomenessTV
Welcome to “NOAH BECK TRIES THINGS”, the show where NOAH BECK enlists his influencer friends to teach him various new skills like Makeup, Dancing, and Cooking to name a few. Join Noah in this premiere episode as he’s joined by makeup guru and good friend JAMES CHARLES, who teaches him the basics of becoming a good makeup artist. The twist comes when Noah must try his newfound skills ON JAMES’S FACE!!! Will Noah become a professional makeup artist in the making?!! Will Noah ruin James’s face?!! Will James give Noah a passing grade?!! Watch and find out on Season 1 of “Noah Beck Tries Things” exclusively on AwesomenessTV!
AND catch the FINAL episode of AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer this Sunday at 7am PT!
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Noah Beck sets out to learn new skills that his influencer friends teach him while grading his performance at the end of every episode.
Noah Beck (@NoahBeck)
James Charles (@JamesCharles)
Executive Producer: Noah Beck
Producer / Director: Christopher Babers
Associate Producer / Writer: Marta Palley
Head Writer: Nick Haddad
Director of Photography: Sevdije Kastrati
Editor: Jason Chen
Co-Director - Vinny Mui
Production Designer - Marian Nusser
Special Thanks to BellaBar in Orange County:
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Noah Beck Tries Makeup with Best Friend James Charles | AwesomenessTV

  • AwesomenessTV

    HAHAHA DIDN’T KNOW I NEEDED THIS! How do you think Noah did?! (James reaction has be DYING) And what else do you want to see from Noah?

    • Legend yo Legend yo
      Legend yo Legend yo

      Disgusting I actually liked u at first but now wow so freaking disgusting I hat u


      Ly be

    • Claire Maricle
      Claire Maricle

      Um bro thingggs

    • Abigail Jolin
      Abigail Jolin

      Dance but not tiktoks

    • Abigail Jolin
      Abigail Jolin


  • Isabella Bailey
    Isabella Bailey

    I know he is dating Dixie but 🛳 🛳

  • KeiraKix

    when they did the contor james was shaking nohas face so m,uch i cant even lol

  • Jada Naomi
    Jada Naomi

    I ship

  • Minnie Ann
    Minnie Ann

    C+ I thought he did good I mean better than I could ever do

  • Treasure Roberts
    Treasure Roberts

    KING JESUS CHRIST is coming back. Change your ways, repent of your sins and seek JESUS. The time is short. Be prepared my brothers and sisters in Christ. Preserve!

  • Maritza Mosqueda
    Maritza Mosqueda

    i love haw he calls him thanks bro

  • Ronald Garcia
    Ronald Garcia

    I hate James Charles bla

  • Pyscho Killer
    Pyscho Killer

    Noah definitely hit fosho

  • abigail brome
    abigail brome

    2:20 sis the brows-

  • Olivia Rose Gervasi
    Olivia Rose Gervasi

    Who else think James has crushhhhhh on Noah guuuurrrrrlllllll

  • Captain Leo
    Captain Leo

    This is the worst thing

  • Jotecion Hendricks
    Jotecion Hendricks

    Noah ask real question uh no baby 🤣

  • cupcakemj mcnett
    cupcakemj mcnett

    is james Charles a boy or a girl idk

  • paige and beyond
    paige and beyond

    Noah:well I already know u well but it's good to noah youna lil bit better *raises eyebrows* james:*turns head and tries to hide big laugh 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chaz Ducro
    Chaz Ducro

    James Charles can you please send me some makeup

  • glowkami

    A for Effort 👀

  • Adrienne Wood
    Adrienne Wood

    James was so blush they and shy

  • Perry TV
    Perry TV


  • Olivia Mehring
    Olivia Mehring

    My friend said ( HEY SISTERS ) and she was kinda close to sound like James

  • Charli Brooklyn Hunter
    Charli Brooklyn Hunter

    Call me weird but I love when Noah gets uncomfortable. His cheeks get all red.. its sooooo cute!

  • Jahnell Mendoza
    Jahnell Mendoza

    James really said no baby

  • rachel ayamba
    rachel ayamba

    Blessing in disguise?? 😂😂😂❤

  • Xzen Yonu
    Xzen Yonu

    We can all tell when James says “SHORE” He’s not actually sure about it

  • Xlemon _bloxburg
    Xlemon _bloxburg

    Why did James keep calling him baby like he has a girlfriend

  • JJ Young
    JJ Young

    Mmmmmmm bro things

  • Ochoa Brothers
    Ochoa Brothers

    They are cute

  • Chxrrqq Bbyxx
    Chxrrqq Bbyxx

    I’m lefty too :D

  • Anahi Segura
    Anahi Segura

    LOL Noah Beck and James are such a flirty

  • baby alive lover 2020
    baby alive lover 2020

    When he said IM TELLING DIXIE I laughed 🤣

  • Silvia Silva
    Silvia Silva

    James looks paper white

  • Elqkia X
    Elqkia X

    James: next we have.. contour Noah: I’m very familiar with that. Noah’s abs: *is this where I come in or?*

  • Ayzik Riley
    Ayzik Riley

    Is James Charles A boy or a girl

  • Chris Hesse
    Chris Hesse

    He looks pretty

  • Bobby Bacala
    Bobby Bacala

    Noah got a man crush .

  • peepee poopoo big poppa pa
    peepee poopoo big poppa pa

    Its so weird how james called noah baby

  • peepee poopoo big poppa pa
    peepee poopoo big poppa pa

    When noah said,when you were growing up did you do your make up, and then james said no baby like why hes a boy why no baby he could of just said no but instead he wants to say no baby😠😠

  • Mike The rapping king
    Mike The rapping king

    Wait she said no baby

  • Kara Humbarger
    Kara Humbarger

    Bruh James has a crush on noah 🥲🔫

  • Khadija Sabra
    Khadija Sabra

    Hhhhhhhhh i love you jams ☺

  • Travis Andrews
    Travis Andrews

    He is funny

  • Kristin Howerton
    Kristin Howerton


  • Florence Johnson
    Florence Johnson

    Hi how is it going

  • Lexi Landers
    Lexi Landers

    He has only been doing makeup for 5 years!! HIS MAKEUP IS SO GOODDD, IT Thought he was doing it for like EIGHT!!!!

  • Chen Zen
    Chen Zen

    I know James Charles is in love with his friend the one who did her make up

  • Makenzie Savage
    Makenzie Savage


  • Shira Hoffman
    Shira Hoffman

    Noah : tries to kiss mannequin James: im telling dixie Noah:☺😅

  • Shira Hoffman
    Shira Hoffman

    yup cake that face bish

    • Shira Hoffman
      Shira Hoffman

      no baby

  • Camila Prado
    Camila Prado

    Noah made James kind a look like Michael Jackson from like the make up so yeah Noah Beck really trying to make James say he he

  • Leigh Kuppler
    Leigh Kuppler

    Noah likes James but is to afraid to admit it~

    • TLeeyah O
      TLeeyah O

      Pretty sure noah is straight. Stop being wierd

  • GlitchyBoy137

    James Charles Dickson

  • Logan Sisler
    Logan Sisler

    Stop advertising this cringe.

    • TLeeyah O
      TLeeyah O

      Don't be talking with that pfp

  • cloudy Peeps
    cloudy Peeps

    She’s a queen -Noah

  • Hunting with Nathan
    Hunting with Nathan

    Your soooooo guy james charsl

  • Madison Gisel
    Madison Gisel


  • Tammy Shampooch Grooming Salon
    Tammy Shampooch Grooming Salon

    Noah beck what the heck what is wrong with your neck

  • Kiran S
    Kiran S

    Lowkey noah and James are really entertaining together

  • Honey Senpai
    Honey Senpai

    Lol Noah be snatching James ☺😍

  • Honey Senpai
    Honey Senpai

    This is probably their closest moment yet that was so cute (*’(OO)’*) I mean I know there was other moments but this moment is to hot

  • Keyle Moreau
    Keyle Moreau

    Here’s a question is that a girl or a boy is James Charles a girl or a boy because I’m pretty sure that’s a boy plus I dislike this video yeah I said it dislike

  • Jxssqe

    james:Oooo mhm

  • Simona Esse
    Simona Esse

    he can't even apply the foundation in a correct way but he called himself a makeup artist and has a makeup brand?? Oh americans, The foundation must be applied from the center of parts of the face to the edges!

  • gabby the little turtle
    gabby the little turtle

    Did u see how james looked at telling Dixie

  • Annette G
    Annette G

    They keep on blushing every time 😊

  • Bea27

    "excuse me I'm telling Dixie" I LITERALLY DIED 😂😂 Timestamp: 8:27

  • Earl Mendoza
    Earl Mendoza

    I'm I the only one who remembers the lie detector tests

  • Julio Penaloza
    Julio Penaloza

    Us by ehf😇🥰🤑🥵👅

  • Stella & Molly 2021
    Stella & Molly 2021


  • •Albert is a BIG E•
    •Albert is a BIG E•

    Can we appreciate that this is a man pretending to be a girl? *cause if your gay like me I can relate*

    • TLeeyah O
      TLeeyah O

      They're not pretending to be girls. Lol

  • Purple Flamingo
    Purple Flamingo

    am i the only one thats uncomfy with the energy that has been created in the studio today??? like i thought that noah was homophobic??? idk im not on straight tiktok so i assume everybody apart of the hype house is homophobic

  • derrick peterson
    derrick peterson

    U should try copy writing this lol cardi tried and Noah tried things

    • TLeeyah O
      TLeeyah O

      Translate this to english please

  • Alina gibson
    Alina gibson

    That was some video haha

  • Hehehe banana banana
    Hehehe banana banana

    I heard that Noah likes James

  • Gieselle G
    Gieselle G

    James was harshhh i would of at least given him a B- (but obviously im not James loll so)

  • Cayden Thomas
    Cayden Thomas

    Not the DADDY shade

  • Lai Tulip
    Lai Tulip


    • TLeeyah O
      TLeeyah O

      @Lai Tulip because I said so

    • Lai Tulip
      Lai Tulip

      @TLeeyah O why not?

    • TLeeyah O
      TLeeyah O


    • Lai Tulip
      Lai Tulip


  • Elyse Borrack
    Elyse Borrack

    when he almost kissed the fake head, “excuse me...i’m telling dixie” 🥰🥰

  • John Ward
    John Ward

    Wait. Why is the dude on the left acting like chick?

  • zoe phelps
    zoe phelps

    James looking at himself after the makeup look reveal 😂☠️ “ooohh.. hmm 👍.”

  • David Hall
    David Hall

    "im gonna tell dixie" 8:27

  • HoneyDew Roblox
    HoneyDew Roblox

    James and noah: talking and there rec Me: WHERE IS MASK?!?!?!?!

  • Keith Opatz
    Keith Opatz

    I thought the look was between an A- and a B+

  • Mylee Tv
    Mylee Tv

    “ excuse me I’m telling dixie” 😂

  • Joelle Darazy
    Joelle Darazy


  • Kathryn Bachta
    Kathryn Bachta

    It’s funny how Noah tries to kiss the face

  • CEO of Compilations
    CEO of Compilations

    Noah deserved a B grade at least

  • Kiara Nichols
    Kiara Nichols

    Omggg!!! Noah and I’m up right now at one in the morning!!!!!

  • Nevaeh Ritzel
    Nevaeh Ritzel

    Awww I loved how he called Noah baby 🥺❤ that was so adorable

  • Wainwright Trevell
    Wainwright Trevell

    james gay

    • TLeeyah O
      TLeeyah O

      Honeyyyy, we been knew.

  • Leticia hernandez
    Leticia hernandez

    Is nobody going to talk about how noah looked at james during the whole video 🥺🥺🥺

  • Zoesunshinegirl

    dude noah is so cute i can’t

  • Cute_Cupcake

    Love the way he did it 🤪

  • ta_li_tha

    He got a B IM PROUD OF YOU 😊 NICE JOB 🤠


    When Dixie sees this she’s gonna get so mad when Jams Charles is calling Noah beck babby 😂

  • Nyah unicorn
    Nyah unicorn

    james is such a simp omg

  • diamond Sparkle
    diamond Sparkle


  • diamond Sparkle
    diamond Sparkle


  • diamond Sparkle
    diamond Sparkle


  • diamond Sparkle
    diamond Sparkle


  • Avereon Gaming
    Avereon Gaming

    Do most searched things part 2