Thomas Petrou EXPOSES Hype House SECRETS - Internet’s Most Searched Questions | AwesomenessTV
In this episode, Thomas Petrou answers the internet’s most searched questions about himself! How did Thomas start the Hype House?? What Prank does Thomas DREAM about pulling off?? Who does Thomas want to join the Hype House?!? Make sure to watch this extra juicy episode to find out, and be sure to like, comment and subscribe in the comments section below!!
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Did Alex Warren Leave the Hype House?! - Internet's Most Searched Questions | AwesomenessTV -
The series where AwesomenessTV influencers answer the internet’s most searched questions about themselves!
Thomas Petrou (@PetrouTV)
Executive Producer / Director: Christopher Babers
Producer: Marta Palley
Associate Producer: Vick Ravindran
Editor: Jacob Gehnert
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Thomas Petrou EXPOSES Hype House SECRETS - Internet’s Most Searched Questions | AwesomenessTV

  • AwesomenessTV

    HAHA who else loves Thomas?! What were you excited to find out?? WHO SHOULD WE HAVE ON NEXT!?

    • Paola Diaz
      Paola Diaz

      Mia Hayward

    • Audrina Smith
      Audrina Smith


    • Audrina Smith
      Audrina Smith

      vinnie hacker please:)

    • Shafia Wasim
      Shafia Wasim

      Mia Hayward

    • Hannah Humayun
      Hannah Humayun

      Please do Bryce Hall PLEASEEEE

  • Ellie Vo
    Ellie Vo

    They have been dating for more than 6 months

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    Movie Paradise

    I will be glad if you subscribe

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    Virgo as well😎

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    hi Come


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    Noor Brenner.

    Why does spanakopita sound soo good 👌👌👌👌👌👌💖💖❤💗💗🥧❤💖❤💗💗❤💖🥧🥧🥧👌💗❤

  • a r m y. _ . d o g
    a r m y. _ . d o g


  • Alexis Solis
    Alexis Solis

    Homie said Fourth grade middle school

  • tiffixia

    I have a question! Has anyone gotten kicked from the Hype House?

    • Jazy Nguyen
      Jazy Nguyen

      Tony and ondre

  • Giovanni Sandoval
    Giovanni Sandoval

    22 year old KID bruh then your an adult basically ahhahahaha


    The fact that he went to NYU for a month and dropped out is literally crazy but who cares right 😕

  • Jennifer Matias
    Jennifer Matias


  • MsMiyagii

    The craziest things that you’ve done at the hype house is how you took advantage of that Daisy chick and weaseled you way through and only did things that benifit YOU. The kids don’t see that because they are ignorant. Thank god that’s the case because they are the only thing that puts $ in your pocket at the end of the day. Fake it till you make it!

  • Naima Moddy
    Naima Moddy


  • Naima Moddy
    Naima Moddy

    i am a virgo and my birthday is september

  • Billy Burgendy
    Billy Burgendy

    Is that the Porsche that you bought off Tanner Fox

  • Jenn Doe
    Jenn Doe

    I'm 12 but thomas was born three days before me and has the same zodiac sign. How ever I'm 12

    • Laura ll
      Laura ll

      We share the same birthday and I'm 12 to

  • Lovelyducky123

    My birthday is September 2

  • Julia Smith
    Julia Smith

    Can AwesomenessTV get Josh Richards on??

  • Hannah Coyne
    Hannah Coyne

    he just said hes a '22 year old kid'?. he is a adult ffs

  • Laura ll
    Laura ll

    I think this video is from a lot months ago pecause they moved out in December

  • Larray Fan
    Larray Fan

    I love Thomas Petrou!!

  • Daniella M
    Daniella M

    His eyebrows scares me

  • Hannah Pye
    Hannah Pye

    We need to see chase or Charli answer the webs most searched questions as well😶😶

    • Makaela Perez
      Makaela Perez


  • Natalie Tan
    Natalie Tan

    Wait where is thomas links

  • Pernille Nordanger
    Pernille Nordanger

    You Should have Mia his girlfriend next

  • Malak_24

    He seems like a nice guy 🥰

  • Oof Gang
    Oof Gang

    4th grade middle school? Lol

  • Megan Irving
    Megan Irving

    "I have so many friends"-- LMAO I WISH

  • Sophia Kauser-Potts
    Sophia Kauser-Potts

    " i have so many friends" i wonder what that's like...

  • fa888 Om
    fa888 Om

    ILove you so much Thomas you are my favorite SLtoos and Tik tok and my favorite person in the hayp house 🥺❤

  • Soumya dileep
    Soumya dileep

    The only tumbnail of Thomas's which his mouth is not open (Jk it's just a joke)

  • Hannah Bayta
    Hannah Bayta

    And I also have a school bus😂

  • Blaze 043
    Blaze 043

    Did anyone notice how he didn't say michalle when he was telling about his friends.

    • Luna Campos
      Luna Campos

      Michael is one of his friends but not best friends

  • Paola Diaz
    Paola Diaz

    The fact that i know his birth date, height, zodiac sign, where he was born, how he met mia, how long hes been with mia. To be exact he met mia in a sushi place with Alex and Kouvr. I even know his siblings and cousins. I can't I need help. I know how much cars hes had and what cars hes had. I've watched all his vlogs as soon as they come up. I know what tattoos he has. Let's just say I know everything.

    • Audrey Roberts
      Audrey Roberts

      I’m that way with Mads Lewis haha

  • Paola Diaz
    Paola Diaz

    The fact that i already knew all of this. I even know how tall he was. yes, im obsessed.

  • sub955

    Thomas, pick a room, get a pond liner that fits the room plus 3 feet up the walls, any openings get plywood so liner stays up an keeps snow/water in.

  • hazel levesque
    hazel levesque

    i low key forgot he existed lol

  • D-MAK Productions
    D-MAK Productions

    You talk about a lot of tough talking points in the video production industry! We enjoy what you talk about, don't stop. Anytime you're in Scottsdale hit us up. If you want, message us @dmakproductions on Instagram and we can chat. We love what you do!

  • rita holdorff
    rita holdorff

    omg Thomas instead of filling ur whole house with snow u can just surprise ur friends with snow in there backyard or something like that its not as cool probably but not as messy lol. you can like drive to ur other friends houses that don't live with u like Larray and James and Charli and dixie and the sway boys and tana , Nikita and Addison and Madi and David and ya know just a couple of friends lmaooo.

  • Lily Reed
    Lily Reed

    They need to do something with Mia and him

    • Elizabeth Harrison
      Elizabeth Harrison

      @Luna Campos oh okay

    • Luna Campos
      Luna Campos

      @Elizabeth Harrison she was saying the channel need made a video of Mia and Thomas, couple questions I think

    • Elizabeth Harrison
      Elizabeth Harrison

      @Luna Campos a video maybe

    • Lily Reed
      Lily Reed

      Luna Campos o hi lol

    • Luna Campos
      Luna Campos

      @Lily Reed lily? haha I wasn’t noticed was u

  • lacey Zirfas
    lacey Zirfas


  • sandra H
    sandra H

    Hi people jesus loves you and he sent his son to die for your sins please repent

  • Sacha Clements
    Sacha Clements

    His middle name is my son's name omg 🤗😂

  • Zoie Small
    Zoie Small

    I wonder who runs AwesomenessTV?

  • Olivia Paradice
    Olivia Paradice


  • Chelsy Hernandez
    Chelsy Hernandez

    Omg I have the same birthday as Thomas😂😂lol

  • Addison Rae Fanpage
    Addison Rae Fanpage


  • ghetto

    7:39 tbh im impressed w his mature answer. he knows what the reality of this industry is for the majority of creators. big respect

    • niamh McMillan
      niamh McMillan

      That’s what I thought! It was a really mature answer and the most realistic it could be!

  • Madison Page
    Madison Page

    I'm surprised Thomas met Mia through Alex.

    • Kasey Gold
      Kasey Gold

      @C Haverty yes they did They lived in cars homeless ..... then rented a room from a friend then when Alex was making more money on SLtoos they moved in a condo/ townhome together with the crew I mentioned above, he’s talked about it in multiple interviews and it documented in his vlogs

    • Kasey Gold
      Kasey Gold

      @C Haverty yes nick... he slept on Alex and kouvrs couch and nick met though Alex and Alex met nick through Ryland.... Ryland nick Connor patty Calvin Alex and kouvr all lived together before hype .. angel was also a original friend of Alex

    • Madison Page
      Madison Page

      @Kasey Gold oh

    • Kasey Gold
      Kasey Gold

      He met most of the group though alex Ryland Nick Calvin patty chase Connor Mia

  • jannatun ferdos
    jannatun ferdos

    he wanted to fill a ENTIRE house with snow........... i mean WHAT?????????????????🤣🤣

  • Mia Ho Chung
    Mia Ho Chung

    My birthdays 2 September tooo😌

    • Mia Ho Chung
      Mia Ho Chung

      And my names Mia too🙈

  • heyy hiii
    heyy hiii

    22yo KID

  • Élaine Doucet
    Élaine Doucet

    I think this is in the old house Who thinks that to ⬇️

    • Luna Campos
      Luna Campos

      It is

  • That bitch.
    That bitch.

    Which secrets? The one about the groomers or how the house is flopping?

  • Leilani Jackson
    Leilani Jackson

    if you want to fill the house with snow use fake snow and some how make the hype house or where ever your going to do that prank cold.. your welcome... you know I need an award for what I just said :p byeee .

    • rita holdorff
      rita holdorff

      or he can like find an old bonded like house or something like that rent it or whatever for a day (I don't even know if u can do that LMAO) and then like fill it with snow loll

  • Cristian penrod Blacksiren
    Cristian penrod Blacksiren

    I’m a 22 year old kid bruh whaaaaat 22 ur not a kid

    • C Haverty
      C Haverty

      People say he acts like a kid so he just classifies himself as a “kid” bc of haters

  • melissa parra
    melissa parra

    avani mines

  • gd-rm

    is this old? it looks like the old hh

  • Laura Russett
    Laura Russett

    I thought he was going to say “I see my self in 5 years married to Mia and have a bunch of pet”

    • Julie sinsigalli
      Julie sinsigalli

      Or a child

    • Natalie Becerra
      Natalie Becerra

      Time stamp pless

  • What’s your name ?
    What’s your name ?

    Why is there no comments? Anyway love you guys also excited for all the Noah episodes



  • Derp Thunder
    Derp Thunder

    Awesomeness Tv, want some noodles?!?! 👁👄👁 \__🍜’\__/

  • Bella Roti
    Bella Roti

    Nobody is going to talk abt that how nobody has commented

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    Liane Misquitta


  • Isabela Martinez
    Isabela Martinez

    I love this channel

  • sarahxoxo


  • Ossccaaarrr

    supporting small creators!!!

  • Timi Osvath
    Timi Osvath

    People only watch him for his famous friends, he's really boring and milks his friends for content. His house now is irrelevant because every one move out

    • rita holdorff
      rita holdorff

      if u don't like him simply don't watch him. I think him and his content are great and yea people moved out but there all best friends and see eachother all the time its ok to move on and to branch out into other things. Thomas had a huge part and really helped his friends that are now famous grow into the influencers that they are today they are all so thankful for him. and who doesn't milk there content its funny and a ongoing joke so calm down lol!

    • Katie Graver_
      Katie Graver_

      If you don’t like him then why did you watch it.

    • Mimi says_hi
      Mimi says_hi

      nah, his content is funny are cool. However, if you don't like people having fun and living their dream then fk off!

  • Makayla S
    Makayla S

    where are all the comments lol

  • Jenny Chastain
    Jenny Chastain


  • refilwe ndlebe
    refilwe ndlebe


  • refilwe ndlebe
    refilwe ndlebe

    Let's talk about the video quality

  • Timi Osvath
    Timi Osvath

    This is boring

  • Aisha Ghazanfar
    Aisha Ghazanfar


  • Morgan Armstrong
    Morgan Armstrong

    this was so funny, and interesting at the same time. hype house for life ❤️

  • Adam Benaiissa
    Adam Benaiissa

    I really enjoyed this vid 👌

  • I love black pink Holla
    I love black pink Holla


    • I love black pink Holla
      I love black pink Holla

      And first comment

  • Influencer edits!
    Influencer edits!

    Thomas is never in front of the camera 📷.

  • 『ɪᴍʏᴏᴜʀangelgiaッ』

    Am I first? If so hii!

  • noorjahan ali
    noorjahan ali

    Thomas is so hardworking I am so grateful and thankful that he takes out time for all of his fans to give them the best content on SLtoos also I share birthday with him!! I am so glad

  • Kate Martin
    Kate Martin

    no comments?

  • Lizxyx_ Dizzy
    Lizxyx_ Dizzy

    This channell is cool

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    Kennedy Cobb

    OMG MY b-day is september 2nd!

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    fatima iftikhar

    Why is the comment section empty? Well guess I am the first one

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    hol up, am I first???

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  • Life With Jazmine
    Life With Jazmine

    I love awesomeness TV😚

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    Gracious Moraa

    You don't like Music?????🤨🤔🤨

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    Penelope Viettro Boktor

    First comment 😚😚🤪🤪

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    athanasia anthis


  • KFNP

    Who cares

  • KFNP


  • Panda

    Are the comments gone or just for me

  • Katie Graver_
    Katie Graver_

    You should do kouvr annon next

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236 tis.
I'm Leaving YouTube
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