Nate Wyatt VS Alex Warren EXTREME Would You Rather?! | AwesomenessTV
Nate Wyatt and Alex Warren play EXTREME Would You Rather! Who will have to take a bit of raw onion and who gets a shot of Maple Syrup?? And where will one of the guys have to put an ICE CUBE??! Be sure to like, comment and subscribe in the comments section below!!
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Nate Wyatt VS Alex Warren EXTREME Would You Rather?! | AwesomenessTV

  • AwesomenessTV

    Who else just loves this duo?! Who knew we needed this but I'M SO GLAD WE DO!! What else do you want to see them do?

    • Laura Ramlawi
      Laura Ramlawi

      cooking *insert cherry emoji* (srry I don't have it)

    • Emma Sandy
      Emma Sandy

      More challenges 🍒

    • Donnavanessa Youssef
      Donnavanessa Youssef

      🍒I think they should learn how to dance together

    • •gacha cookie•
      •gacha cookie•

      Hello 🍒

    • Noah Playz
      Noah Playz

      More challenges pls 🍒

  • Athbah A. AlRashoud
    Athbah A. AlRashoud

    I love lemons I can do that

  • Kailani Carrillo
    Kailani Carrillo

    Alex fall was so funny

  • Ty Nuebel
    Ty Nuebel

    Alex copies David and now that bald hot sauce guy

  • Melodie Gauthier
    Melodie Gauthier

    I like how Alex doesn’t like feet but he is a foot model.

  • Ashlee Hennings
    Ashlee Hennings


  • ello hello
    ello hello

    The way Alex fell

  • Angie Thomas
    Angie Thomas

    Nate is so dumb.....

  • iiAesthetic_ Jxyii
    iiAesthetic_ Jxyii

    6:59 LMAOOO

  • Parbathe Heraman lalbeharry
    Parbathe Heraman lalbeharry

    Alex fell omg

  • Julie Mijangos
    Julie Mijangos

    8:54 fun fact actually really sad fact,when I was around 9 or 10 I put ice hot in my butt and I was about to die😭😭

  • Tanishka Nautiyal
    Tanishka Nautiyal

    I loved the ending 😂

  • Celeste Pineda
    Celeste Pineda

    If Alex didn’t laugh the way he did he’d be pretty cool

  • Movie Paradise
    Movie Paradise

    I will be glad if you subscribe

  • Elyse Wilke
    Elyse Wilke


  • Sumar Qureshi
    Sumar Qureshi

    8:50- Nate rlly spelled “Clothespins” as “Close pens” 😩😩😂

  • Kayla Spinks
    Kayla Spinks

    lmaooo when alex fell off the chair

  • Go sub to my New channle Ellx and bellx røbløx
    Go sub to my New channle Ellx and bellx røbløx

    I Oop did he fall of his chair eating wipcream go kouvr

  • Abby Short
    Abby Short

    LMAFAOO Did Alex just fall off of his chair?????

  • Leila Free
    Leila Free

    I YI YI

  • Karoline Lincon
    Karoline Lincon

    I laughed so hard when Alex fell down 👏🏽😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • Julie Kids
    Julie Kids

    Why is nobody talking abt how Alex and Nate switched names in the intro?

  • amanda michelle
    amanda michelle

    Weird how that guy tries to talk and be like david dobrik 😂

  • thla kam11
    thla kam11

    Alex: ughh I don’t like feet Me: wait isn’t ur bio on instagram professional foot model lmao

  • sydney Ruiz
    sydney Ruiz


  • fa888 Om
    fa888 Om

    ILove you so much GUYS

  • Carolyn Tobias
    Carolyn Tobias

    7:00 I am dying of laughter!

  • Lil y
    Lil y

    It is legitimately astonishing that anybody gives people like this the time of day. They are shameless in their lack of talent. I can’t fathom why anybody would find people like this or this sort of content interesting. Stop giving clout to the lamest, most average dweebs on the planet. Please.

  • Melani Sanchez
    Melani Sanchez

    I love this please do more !!

  • Melani Sanchez
    Melani Sanchez

    This was so funny !!

  • Melani Sanchez
    Melani Sanchez

    I love this !

  • Melani Sanchez
    Melani Sanchez

    When Alex fell of the chair ! I’m dead ! 😭💀

  • Twyla Skouge
    Twyla Skouge

    I laughed so hard at 12:00 am bc of Alex falling off the chair😂😂😂😂

  • Garima Agrawal
    Garima Agrawal

    Thumbnail makes me click it!!! Hot sauce and maple syrup....

  • Grace Hooper
    Grace Hooper

    Everyone is like a duo we never expected yall forget they lived together 😭 plus I think these are the only two people who get along with everyone

  • Alfa K Biju
    Alfa K Biju

    do a lie ditector test between brent rivera and pierson wodzynski

  • Celeste Lacefield
    Celeste Lacefield

    I’m dying at Alex falling 😂😂😂

  • Lorna Denise Valverde
    Lorna Denise Valverde

    I got 9

  • Gaganjot Bassi
    Gaganjot Bassi

    I'm in love with this friendship

  • Casey& Brienalynn Shinyama
    Casey& Brienalynn Shinyama

    That part i started crying

  • Lindsey Gins
    Lindsey Gins

    omg alex lmao

  • Jud Romani
    Jud Romani

    When Alex fall was the best to start a morning 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nathan YT
    Nathan YT

    Make another next influencer


    Alex u good thee buddy ahahahah

  • danasadie1982

    Alex trying to catch the whip cream in his mouth, lands in hair, falls backwards! 😂 U ok Alex!?

  • leanna Marie
    leanna Marie

    can you do the duo charli and chase please

  • Najma Salman
    Najma Salman

    You technically eat raw onions when its in your subway

  • Madison Stuart
    Madison Stuart


  • valentina Garcia
    valentina Garcia

    Alex falling just made my day😁🤣

  • multixfandom16

    When Alex fell off the chair I lost it😂😭

  • whyamihere

    Ong I started laughing so hard when Alex fell

  • Caitlin Coyle
    Caitlin Coyle


  • Evi Wildenberg
    Evi Wildenberg

    7:00 it gets funnier every single time 😂😂😂 love you Alex ❤️

  • ZzZoOoEeE Hehehehe
    ZzZoOoEeE Hehehehe

    At 7:00 is when he fell if you guys wanted to go back lol

  • AwesomenessTV

    🍒 Would you rather: take bite out of a RAW ONION or a LEMON WITH IT'S SKIN?! 🍒

    • Ashlee Hennings
      Ashlee Hennings


    • I am Maria
      I am Maria


    • Acnh Lover
      Acnh Lover


    • Sofia Ralph
      Sofia Ralph

      🍒lemon fosho🍒

    • Abby Morgan
      Abby Morgan

      A lemon 100% 🤣🤣

  • Islam Elshaer
    Islam Elshaer

    If I see one more vaping ad I’m going to actually start doing it 😤

  • Kylee Rae
    Kylee Rae

    Alex’s hand writing is like so pretty

  • Lady T LTW
    Lady T LTW

    I have to play this!!! 😁

  • Fritzanique Bastian
    Fritzanique Bastian

    Hey Alex loving the fall

  • Zoé Dionne
    Zoé Dionne

    The thumbnail is dumb like ofc maple syrup, is it because I'm Canadian or because I have commun sense?

  • sereyna scott
    sereyna scott

    hmm .. L* & me like maple syrup if it's drenching pancakes otherwise why .. & not really fans of hot sauce .. fyi * ..

  • king_renegade07

    Nobody Literally nobody Nate: you are a psycho 7:48 🤣

  • Kasey Gold
    Kasey Gold

    I love this duo

  • S Alsaidi
    S Alsaidi

    Alex: ugh I don’t like feet 🤢 Also Alex: Didi you get a Pedicure 😂

    • thla kam11
      thla kam11

      Isn’t he a foot model lol

  • Zoe Child
    Zoe Child

    Nate is all over awesomeness TV rn 😂

  • Grace

    Claim your “ here before 1million views” by clicking the 👍

  • Sunnie Clouds
    Sunnie Clouds

    So we don’t look weird answering stuff-Alex warren 2021.

  • Chelsea Walters
    Chelsea Walters

    All I got from this was that Alex is resilient😂

  • Tiana-Rose Hadi
    Tiana-Rose Hadi

    When Nate brushed his teeth with chocolate sauce it rlly disturbed me 😅😂🤣🤍

  • What’s your name ?
    What’s your name ?

    Who else can’t wait for Dixies episode this Friday

  • spidertastic

    You're title is click bait,You obviously never seen the movie would you rather

  • Sade Baptist
    Sade Baptist

    Please tell me I am not the only person who laughed at Alex when he fell

    • kassandra Martinez
      kassandra Martinez

      Nope i re played it 20 times to laugh

    • Tanishka Nautiyal
      Tanishka Nautiyal

      Nah, Everyone laughed 😂

    • _Razan _
      _Razan _

      Nah he even laughed himself 😂😂

    • Janai Oliveira
      Janai Oliveira

      No I laughed too

    • whyamihere

      Nah I laughed too

  • Y M
    Y M

    Wanna be on this channel just once 😲

  • Jazmine Lin
    Jazmine Lin

    Isn't it like "patty cake patty cake bakers man bake me a cake as fast as u can" something like that?

  • maria labedz
    maria labedz

    Dose awesomeness TV reply I doubt

  • Megan Samuels
    Megan Samuels


  • kerrian stevens
    kerrian stevens

    Nate's face when he loses...😂😂😂 is hilarious

  • Brooke Maswela
    Brooke Maswela


  • Disha N
    Disha N

    Wait so u r telling me u didt see the foundation stain on nates shirts

  • kerrian stevens
    kerrian stevens

    Nate's face while eating the lemon😂😂😂

  • Danah Sharrofna
    Danah Sharrofna

    When Alex fell

  • Aliana Manasek
    Aliana Manasek

    i woulda picked hot sause

  • Eliana S
    Eliana S


  • Jayden Oborowsky
    Jayden Oborowsky

    Whoever is reading this is amazing and loves Nate and Alex

  • gayle gomez
    gayle gomez

    Kool aid

  • nuraisya aireena
    nuraisya aireena

    Yeayy earlyy..whos the same😁

  • Shatho Joy Pius
    Shatho Joy Pius

    Omg,love you guys

  • Sarai Almedia
    Sarai Almedia

    Im early this is funny

  • Dobitoi Vasile
    Dobitoi Vasile

    More of this. Duo

    • Yuh


  • Little Treasures
    Little Treasures

    Haha I love how most of the time Alex doesn't have to do the stuff he still does them anyway lmaoo

  • Cassidy


  • Sadie Loebach
    Sadie Loebach

    Hi first squad

  • Harsimranjot Singh
    Harsimranjot Singh

    Oh Maple Syrup. I am diabetic.

  • Vinayak Biradar
    Vinayak Biradar

    Help me 1k👍

  • Dejanae Vassell
    Dejanae Vassell

    Nate's face when he pushed the ice cube up his nose, lmaoo

  • Ella


  • traci lagrone
    traci lagrone

    Alex falling was the best way to start my morning😂


      @Kaylee Powell Me too I rewatched it like 20 times 😂

    • Kaylee Powell
      Kaylee Powell

      bro me too when alex fell i started dying and. then i think i lost my voice


      Mine too 😂

  • Ella

    I kinda wanna be the first person to dislike it. but i liked the show soo...

  • traci lagrone
    traci lagrone

    Alex falling was the best way to start my day 😂😂😂

    • Yuh

      Same 😂

  • Little Treasures
    Little Treasures

    This duo is iconic.