Noah Beck Tries RAPPING a DISS TRACK with Larray | AwesomenessTV
Noah Beck tries rapping a diss track with the one and only PRO diss track maker Larray! Does Noah actually have bars?! And... is he better than Larray?! Find out when the two rap head-to-head in the booth and see what score Larray gives him! You'll be so surprised...
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Welcome back to “NOAH BECK TRIES THINGS”, the show where NOAH BECK enlists his influencer friends to teach him various new skills like makeup, dancing, and cooking - to name a few. Noah Beck sets out to learn new skills that his influencer friends teach him while grading his performance at the end of every episode.
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Noah Beck (@NoahBeck)
Larray (@Larray)
Executive Producer: Noah Beck
Producer / Director: Christopher Babers
Co-Director: Vinny Mui
Associate Producer / Writer: Marta Palley
Head Writer: Nick Haddad
Director of Photography: Sevdije Kastrati
Production Designer: Marian Nusser
Editor: Jeff Schroeder
CCO: O.Z. Ozmen
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Noah Beck Tries RAPPING a DISS TRACK with Larray | AwesomenessTV

  • AwesomenessTV

    THE COLLAB WE DON'T DESERVE!!!! This has me in TEARS. How do you think Noah did? What else do you want to see from Larray and Noah?!

    • Halima Ali
      Halima Ali


    • Gaby Amaya
      Gaby Amaya

      I want them try to work as a team and try to do a slime

    • Florentina Maria Boboc
      Florentina Maria Boboc

      I don t know but James Ch.need a song, he is too good🔥❤👌

    • Rileyah wilder
      Rileyah wilder


    • Alyson Stokes
      Alyson Stokes

      Prank call places or people!

  • Crazy Man
    Crazy Man

    This is cringey af

  • Amp World
    Amp World

    I wanted to hear what Noah whispered at the rhyme challenge to Larray. Bvs Larray gave him a 10/10

  • Nyah unicorn
    Nyah unicorn

    awww no at the end noah was so sad aww

  • Amber O'Brien
    Amber O'Brien

    I love their friendship! I feel like Larray brings out a great side of Noah!

  • FlexFN

    a girl was talking about Noah in my class and thought he was so cute!!!!!!!!!

  • Journey

    noah and larray are such bffs like awwwh 😂😬

  • Yxng-drake

    Is Noah beck gay that was cute

  • Angelina Granados
    Angelina Granados

    ok but can someone tell me why he sounded like shark puppet 🦈🦈🦈 YEAH!!!!

  • Ana TV Time!
    Ana TV Time!

    Noah. 😍

  • Jr Asmr
    Jr Asmr

    The way he say noahw 🤣🤣🤣

  • Katelynn Latimer
    Katelynn Latimer

    Larray be Jealous of Noah

  • izzy kilty
    izzy kilty

    When Noah started rapping it hit different

  • Taehyung's Gucci Outfit
    Taehyung's Gucci Outfit

    Noah: Shes kinda cute Dixie: *finds that beat an demolishes her*

  • Grandalfchoybg grandalfcho
    Grandalfchoybg grandalfcho


  • Bralyn Cotton
    Bralyn Cotton

    I know noah beck but I don't have tik tok so I don't know all of the drama but stop hating on people thst is not right just saying.

  • T S
    T S

    Larraaaaayyyz sooo turned uppp😂🥳

  • Amandah Michel
    Amandah Michel

    Loki i think the Noah is gay!!!

  • Aaliyah Oshun
    Aaliyah Oshun

    A f-?🤚🏿😭

  • L Squad
    L Squad

    We all saw Noah tear up after he got a F-

  • Aimee and Jasmine
    Aimee and Jasmine


  • Jane poiriers life
    Jane poiriers life

    Noah beck why does everyone make fun of your neck what the heck

  • Mckenna Pollock
    Mckenna Pollock

    I love Larry he is so funny and I love Noah because he is a bunny

    • Mckenna Pollock
      Mckenna Pollock

      I meant to say funny not bunny

  • Adalina Lara
    Adalina Lara

    Noah the last thing larray is, is threated bye you sweety larray spits more bars than a chocolate factory so wat u talkon bout?

  • Roshenna Williams Dryu
    Roshenna Williams Dryu

    Season 2

  • Tashfia Tasnuva
    Tashfia Tasnuva


  • Royale Kara
    Royale Kara


  • Zahiya_ Rai
    Zahiya_ Rai


  • Gon Freecss
    Gon Freecss

    Chase go..*squidward noise*

  • Heidieh Esther
    Heidieh Esther


  • DeMarc DeGasol
    DeMarc DeGasol

    This is fucking horrible

  • Nishita Runwal
    Nishita Runwal

    "Noah's taking over the game..." My way of completing it was actually - "so bow ur head and walk away in shame".Not that great but ok.

  • Piprel Teuzqq
    Piprel Teuzqq


  • Adir Da Nobrega
    Adir Da Nobrega

    Woodward up in this

  • Jappy Days
    Jappy Days

    I wanna be there ! Call me a creep ! 🤣

  • Najibah

    Omg when he was "bragging" and listing all of the things he can do and then said "dancer, actor" the first thing that came to my mind and what I imagined him to say next was "magician" or magichan, as she'd say, because of Miranda Sings😂

  • Log An
    Log An

    Man why does this suck so much lol

  • The A Squad
    The A Squad

    I want Jarray

  • The A Squad
    The A Squad

    I want jarry

  • Cocinemos Juntos
    Cocinemos Juntos

    Noah did not acept his grade becquse he thinks that he is the God of the word but if you guys go check out Dom Brack's most recent video he is actually ver rude

  • Dejaaa Babyy
    Dejaaa Babyy

    “If you say it I’ll probably know it, I’m just spacing out” HOW YOU NOT KNOW HIS REAL NAME ALREADY KAYNE 😂😭

  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella

    season 2

  • lonely creamsickle
    lonely creamsickle

    Boo if that F hurt your feelings write a diss track on Larray 🤷‍♀️

  • Ridhi Patel
    Ridhi Patel


  • lil izzy
    lil izzy

    They really need to drop that track tho🖤


    so when is the rap dropping???

  • Lauren Schill
    Lauren Schill

    Larray always getting that loot but don’t mess with em he might kick you with his boot

  • PandaSims

    wait an F- is not a grader it goes A+, A, A-,B+,B,B-, C+,C,C-,D+,D,D-,F (f is just a fail but if its fpc its fail with parcial credit)

  • Nicole Gudanowski
    Nicole Gudanowski

    Here’s my freestyle version😩🥵😛 Enjoy🤫🥴😂😂😂 We’re on the Noah beck show, and I’m twerking you already know. Noah’s from Arizona, wait till my verse putchu ina coma. You’re always on my mind, make me wanna go back, rewind. This shordy’s all mine, so I’m never wasting time. It’s like I woke up in a dream, & you was the sugar to my cream. His name is Noah last name Beck, don’t say it too loud cause I’m gonna cash a check. Larray always gettin that loot, always buyin new Tim’s boots. Noah’s taking over the game, so put some respect on his name.👅

  • Amy Lopez
    Amy Lopez

    11:46 Larry and Noah getting LIIIIIIIITTTTTT! :D

  • Amy Lopez
    Amy Lopez

    10:19 Larray and Noah just Viking and making extra sounds :D

  • Amy Lopez
    Amy Lopez

    5:37 So hit yourself or something *noah softly slaps himself* :')

  • Amy Lopez
    Amy Lopez


  • Amy Lopez
    Amy Lopez

    3:11 Yuh yUhh yuhh yah YAH YUh

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez

    7:32 wassup bro

  • Noelle Yu
    Noelle Yu

    I think Noah did great 👍 Larry be nice 😅

  • Marwa Sidiqi
    Marwa Sidiqi

    Aint no other girl i wanna find Dixie hes talking to u 😳😳

  • Sushma Chhetri
    Sushma Chhetri

    This is boring videos boring I'm leaving I'm not going to watch another video by

  • Drippedout. Ash
    Drippedout. Ash

    This intro is everything 😭😂😂😂

  • Lyric Hutchins
    Lyric Hutchins

    who else here was shook by how good noah is at rhyming

  • Lyric Hutchins
    Lyric Hutchins

    noah gives everyone gifts hes literally the best

  • Husain Moiz
    Husain Moiz

    I, stupid but I see Dixie in him as in in his face

  • umulkhayr adam
    umulkhayr adam

    i really hope this is a joke bc.................larray makes me feel poor

  • Naudia Pearson
    Naudia Pearson

    Noah and Larray can not act right with each other they would be the people in the back of the class all ways laughing I love this friend ship 😘

  • jamac siyad
    jamac siyad

    I would give noah an a bc he actually did good it in pressed me

  • stan larray
    stan larray

    okay but this is the real shit

  • Messy studios
    Messy studios

    Larry:keep going 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 period sis 💅

  • kim TV
    kim TV


  • kim TV
    kim TV


  • Amenah Almuhairi
    Amenah Almuhairi


  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown

    Larray is blazed😭😭

  • Kyra Quinn
    Kyra Quinn

    7:29 he should have said loving you till the end of time

  • jaycee McCoy
    jaycee McCoy

    give him a b-

  • Frederique Wittens
    Frederique Wittens

    I yelled during this

  • Jazmine Barrientos
    Jazmine Barrientos

    umm Larray kinda ruined his report card with that f- like you could have at least lied I really liked his rap but then again they don't show all the footage.

  • Madison Hample
    Madison Hample


  • Floofy Paws
    Floofy Paws

    7:30 and to add to that "they say that love is blind but you're already mine"

  • Floofy Paws
    Floofy Paws

    7:08 SHORE

  • Olivia Moses
    Olivia Moses

    Larry :What’s Kanye West real name ? Noah : confused Larry : trying not to laugh Noah : still confused and can see him thinking Larry : still trying not to laugh Noah : is there options ? Larry : you really don’t know Kanye West real name Noah : looking really confused Larry : Kanye West real name is Kanye West Noah : think to himself like really self 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Candace_davis

    is it just me or is noahs laugh just sooo cute like i love his laugh sm

  • Jenya Bankinaa
    Jenya Bankinaa


  • Nevaeh Thompson
    Nevaeh Thompson

    It's Not "Noah Beck Tries Things" It's "N🍎ah Beck Tries Thing's"

  • Brinah Phillips
    Brinah Phillips

    Larry was right hahah


    biggie is my cuz hes my granfathers cuz so hes my cuz

  • harrystyles

    larray use to do these with issa :(

  • Graciela Becerra
    Graciela Becerra

    Noah is always giving gifts 😂

  • Uthara Nair
    Uthara Nair

    Ohhhh spiceeeeeeeee

  • Its Royale Meep
    Its Royale Meep

    "Also Noah's friend..." "Unfortunately" lmao

  • Its Royale Meep
    Its Royale Meep

    Noah Beck, he's got a thick neck

  • Shir Tahar
    Shir Tahar

    Larray: shore Me- thinking about James

  • Ellen Mathews
    Ellen Mathews

    ohh ohh spicy 🌶 🌶- larray

  • Elizabeth Guthrey
    Elizabeth Guthrey

    awwwwwwww why did at 12:38 he looked like he was about to cry :( that made me sad but it was also so frickin cutee

  • Oringinal Hailey
    Oringinal Hailey

    Anybody else think that when Noah sang that one part it actually sounded good like the voice idk I would listen to his music if he made it

  • Carlos Sanchez -Nunez
    Carlos Sanchez -Nunez

    Why he sound like Riley redd

  • Jeremie Deserva
    Jeremie Deserva

    I like how Larray cringes when Noah’s saying “No-ah” HAHAHAHAHHA

  • A.M123

    Who knows what he whispered in larrays ear ?

  • Gracie

    Dat beat sounds like renegade

  • Leilani Brooker
    Leilani Brooker

    Not me thinking we were gonna hear the song...

  • Some Guy On Youtube
    Some Guy On Youtube

    Ight so you want to learn how to become a rapper and you ask Larray?🤣

  • Mckayla Applegate
    Mckayla Applegate

    I NEEEEEDDDDDD more larray disk tracks BITCH